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  1. 120 5/8. That is obviously without the inside spread.
  2. My dad and brother found these sheds this spring turkey hunting. They had them scored and they are now the #4 all-time complete set in Fillmore County.
  3. My dad and brother found these this weekend while turkey hunting.
  4. Coyotes in Minnesota are an unprotected species. There are no closed seasons for unprotected species and you do not need to have a license to take them. Residents and nonresidents are not required to have a license to hunt unprotected species including coyote. (MN Hunting Regs. p24)
  5. Hunted near Brookings, SD. 5 of us took 37 ducks opening morning and 38 on Sunday. We were done both days by 9:30am. It was a ton of fun. I have never seen so many teal. Almost all blue wings, only had about 5 green wings. We mixed in some spoonbills, widgeon, gadwall, mallards, one red head and one ring neck. The bonus teal made for a fun and successful weekend.
  6. What does eveyone do to prevent their dog from killing all the grass in the yard? I do not have any areas in my yard without grass, so she will be using the yard all the time to relieve herself.
  7. Carlos Avery is not in Zone 601. It is its own zone (235) according to the map. Most of the public land available in 601 to shotgun would be down in Dakota county.
  8. TRice

    New Puppy

    We just got our first puppy 2 weeks ago. I have started researching trainers for her. I am just looking for hunting training, I have no desire to run field trials. I just wanted to see who everyone would recomend for lab training no more than about 2-2 1/2 hrs of the cities. Thanks in advance.
  9. Actually, if you buy your license on or after the season starts, it is not valid until the 2nd day. (bought Sat. not valid until Mon. p.67 in the regs.)
  10. It does state any valid license. I believe that the B license is not valid until that season begins. So I think that with a B license you could only hunt in 602 during the B season dates. But I would still check with the DNR.
  11. Gregs is great. We take all of our game there. Venison, elk and buffalo. Well worth the trip.
  12. Anyone have an idea what they think he would score?
  13. The pictures were taken near Lanesboro
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