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  1. I am Just curious if the river is open enough for some open water fishing in Oakoma? I will be there next week for the Wildlife Society meetings and I was hoping to try a little fishing.
  2. I am a college student at SDSU and next fall will be my last semester in college and I am looking to experience one good last hunt in the state. I am kind of leaning towards an archery mule deer hunt. I realize that I will need to travel farther west from Brookings. But my question is would it be worth it to hunt the river for a respectable deer or do I need to go farther west yet?
  3. Cicada Thanks for the imput, I have a cabin on franklin and have fished there my who life and thats where my dad keeps his boat. I recently got a boat and im exscited to explore on my own more. I have never fished lizzie but i tried crystal. I will have to give lida a shot and lizzie. Thanks guys
  4. I just got a new rod and reel on saturday and I am dreaming of warm sunny summer days, and bass fishing. I am wondering what are some lakes in the DL area that produces lots of bass. Both large or brownines. I dont descriminate, I just like to catch fish. Thanks guys.
  5. ya we tried 81 and got those tiny eyes. I went to albert last night and caught 2 14 inch walleyes and a 11in perch but that was it.
  6. Sweet pics. That would be awesome to get to experience duck hunting down there.
  7. Any one having luck fishing around brookings. My buddies and I have been fishing for a week with nothing to show for it. We have tried almost every lake imaginable but can't find any fish. Thanks guys and good luck fishing.
  8. 8 inches of solid clear ice
  9. i was using a small northland forage minnow and that caught all of the fish. i tried other jigs but they were just hammering the spoon. i tipped them with a waxie. and a 2 pound bass puts on one heck of a fight when your usng a panfish rod and 2 pound line.
  10. Went out on a small lake near the hawley area and just hammered the blugills. I caught 40+ and only 2 of them were 6 inches. they rest were 7 8 and a few 9 inchers. i only kept 6. let the rest go for another day. I also caught 4 bonus bass and a northern. It was so fun im going to go back tomorrow. got to love christmas break from college
  11. Sorry guys. I forgot it was only archery. is there anyway I can edit my post to change my pictures?
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