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  1. Shot a hen on Tuesday night. I have been waiting on a Tom, but my turkey hunting time was running out! 30 yards using the Rage 2 blade. She was actually a nice size hen. Anyone have any cool Archery Turkey mounts they have made? Thanks!
  2. We do have a sink drain that dumps under the trailer. we dont use too much water, but redirecting has gotta help. We dont have running water so just some hand washing using water from a jug. Putting poly down under the trailer is a good idea. It looks like most of the insulation under the trailer has been removed or is not properly installed.
  3. We do have skirting, never thought about the moisture coming up. We should have enough ventilation because there are a bunch of openings (gaps). I was planning to put the ventilator out the side not the roof. We put a rubber roof on and are not going to punch ANY holes in it! I think i am going to put vents high on one end and low on the other end. I am planning to use registers that we can close while up hunting. Thanks for the tips!
  4. We have an old trailer house (54 x 12) for a hunting shack up north in the woods. We really only use it in the fall through the end of firearms season (end of November). It is always musty / moldy smelling when we go up. I was thinking about putting a turbine ventilator and some intake vents in to get some fresh air in. We have no power at the site. We are in a wooded area so really do not see much for wind to spin the turbine. We do not have any roof leaks. Anybody have ideas to keep it smelling fresh? Thanks!
  5. Hey my first post! I have a Mathews Switchback XT and had the exact same problem. It took me a while, but it turned out to be..... The draw cord on my drop away rest was slipping on my string so that my rest would not rise all the way to the top at full draw. The draw cord only moved a small amount but caused the same "Shooting way low" condition. As the draw cord continued to slip the rest would rise less and less causing me to shoot lower and lower (causing great confusion). I ended up putting on a new draw cord (Very tight!) and also put a stop on the string to prevent this from happening again.
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