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  1. the outdoor life HSOforum has a link for 2 for 1 tickets
  2. also if you break one up make sure that nothing is below your drain hole I broke one a few years ago and had a 3x3 piece fall through the hole and hit the top of the dryer
  3. nitrokfa

    xmas catalog

    I just checked my coupon it expired on the 30th of nov.
  4. did anyone else get a letter sent back to them after they applied. This is my first year for turkeys so I'm not sure what the letter I got was for. It looks like it is confirming that i applied for a permit. If that is the case it looks like it is a waste of time and money for the dnr.
  5. you should check local codes for vapor barrier but in most places if you use craft face insulation you install sheetrock over it.
  6. about 5 years ago my brother was fined for this he started the atv 5 min. early to let it warm up didnt even have it off the trailer i think at that time it was 78.00.
  7. I was checking out a new management area yesterday. I get out of the truck and I find a dead fawn. it was shot, gutted then dragged back to the parking area and left. I was [PoorWordUsage]ed I cant believe someone would do this. I'm guessing once they got it to the car they figured it wasn't worth tagging and left it. animals had already tore into it so it wasn't worth keeping now. Do you think it is worth a call to the co I dont know what they could do.
  8. if you use cellulose wear a mask or you will be hacking up lung cookies for days. fiberglass is much cleaner no dust.
  9. I just used mine at gander in blaine 150.00 off new bow
  10. I replaced my driveway last year over 2000 square ft concrete for 7500.00 asphalt was going to be over 10000.
  11. this post is to chuckar. posting land in different languages, are you kidding me? this is still America. if you cant read or speak english you should still be able to be prosecuted. there is no reason to take the time or money to put out the NO TRESSPASSING signs in 50 different languages.
  12. nitrokfa

    meat grinders

    I bought 1 earlier this year works fine just slow.I wouldnt want to use it for 20 pounds of meat.
  13. gander mtn will probably have 1 and they will match cabelas price. I'm gussing your talking about the remington copper slugs even the rem barrels say not to shoot them? I havn't figured that out myself rem. slugs, rem. barrel dont work together?
  14. we were in ontario 2 years ago and the resort owner told us it was required to have 1 in all boats. I never checked but i would think they would know the rules.
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