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  1. I want to hunt on a Wma that's borders up to a lake. It is legal to launch from the Wma and roam around the lake and hunt on my canoe? Keeping in mind I'm away from houses and not being on land or property.
  2. hunter83

    vexilar Flx-28 problem

    Just an update, got a call from vexilar tech and they found a solution. You will need send or bring your unit in for a software update. It takes about 10 mins. I would have to say that their tech was really nice and professional even after I got pee of. If this fix it, I will hold on to my vexilar. Thanks
  3. hunter83

    vexilar Flx-28 problem

    thanks Richj. Yea just a heads up and getting the word out because no where is vexilar pulling their stock or letting us know about that issue. On the other couple threads, that guy was gonna get a flx28 and was just warning him, I was just being a samariten ice fisher. I will keep you guys updated on what they fine on mine. I would rather keep this unit since my wife is the one the got it for me for a gift.
  4. hunter83

    vexilar Flx-28 problem

    vexilar tech told me all 2015 models. either its happen already or its going to happen. if it doesn't happen to yours, your lucky. just hope they care of they issue soon so if they can't, i want my money back at gander.
  5. hunter83

    vexilar Flx-28 problem

    you would have to turn the unit off and on. yes that sounds easy enough but for a brand new unit the price i paid for, I expect a little. A tech call be back and said that for now, 0-30ft use IR settings at 6 and above and for 30ft plus, use IR setting 1. The flx automatic adjust it but they think thats the problem, Tech said they are working with their engineers from japan.
  6. hunter83

    vexilar Flx-28 problem

    yes you are correct, I will give them time to correct the issue and just wanted to get the word out. I do like it when it was working fine but reliability is everything.
  7. hunter83

    Ultra pack or Pro pack?

    I would not buy the flx28 unit until vexilar fix the freezing up issue. according to tech, 2015 models flx28 are locking up at certain depths. They should post on there page or pull there stock out so we as customer don't have to deal with it. I just bought mine last week and first time I use it, it froze up on me. Call their tech and all they said was they don't know whats the problem but they are working on it. Ask the if they been getting lots of call about same issue and they said yes. so i would wait until they fix the issue to get it
  8. hunter83

    Vexilar Customer Service....A+

    all 2015 flx-28 are locking up at certain depths. vexilar tech said they are working on the issue. hopefully they figure it out soon because marcum is knocking at my door . paid good money for this brand new unit that didn't work for first time use.
  9. hunter83

    vexilar Flx-28 problem

    Hey guys, Just a heads up if you going to buy a vexilar fox-28. Got one for christmas and use it this weekend for the first time and the unit froze/lock up on me about 3x. Call vexilar and said they have been aware of this issue. I was like, if you did , how come you didn't post something about it or pull the unit off the shelves. About 3-4 of my buddies that also brought new ones this year return theres and went with marcums with same issue. I will be patient and wait it out for a couple weeks to let them try and figure it out. Tech said its just this years model thats having the issue. Hopefully they fix it soon cause with the limit season we have already, I like to get out and have something reliable that I paid good money for.
  10. hunter83

    How long should you hunt your dog?

    thanks, gonna head out to cabelas in rogers and get a skid vest. He seems to be back to normal today, I can see all his wound scabbing up and peeling so he's healing again. Man, he did get beat up pretty good around all is paws, legs,and couple big scratches when he ran into the barb wire. You are probably right, he gets lots of exercise but maybe he was not condition for a all day hunt. maybe i will head out to willmar area this weekend. Thanks for the advices
  11. hunter83

    How long should you hunt your dog?

    yeah, The bad part was after the hunt, He was so tire he didn't even want to eat. hes on purina pro plan (sport) so I think he on quality food. Thanks
  12. hunter83

    How long should you hunt your dog?

    Hes pretty much in shape. When we first started he was flying 100 mph. he was faster and did cover more grounds but the next day, seem like he could barely move and didn't want to move. Thats when I notice he was pretty much beat up on the legs and belly. I take it that maybe he was to sore from the hunt. He been really slow walking for the last couple days and sleeping alot. I though maybe I hunted him too hard for his first time. All we hunt is in the thicket and cat tails. I will give him a couple weeks break to heal up and take him back out to see how he does.
  13. I took my 1.5 yrs old gsp on a hunt his first wild hunt this weekend and he didn't pretty good for half the day. We did a 10 hour hunt with another dog the first day. On the next day He was pretty much drained out and didn't really hunt. His under belly was pretty much raw from running in the cat tails and legs where pretty much beat up. He is a house dog compare to the other who lives outside. I will get him a vest the next time though. Sounds like a dumb question but How long should I hunt my dog so hes not drained out? is he still too young to hunt a long period of time? because our other veteran dog (7 yrs) didn't have a problem hunting for 2 days.
  14. hunted the dawson area. was a rough two days. 2nd opener for ducks started the same day which I think spook the pheasant to move in early into corn.Fist day with a 10 hour hunt, saw only 1 rooster which we took down. Im sure they're all in the corn fields. Had some buddies of mine in the talcot lake area with a little better result.
  15. Hows the Pheasants looking this year in mn?