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  1. Older Mossberg a friend has. Will not work the action at all when fired. Even with 3" mag. Single shots OK, but action does not even move. Any ideas?
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    Otter lodge in 6'4" ram box

    My Otter Lodge fit fine in my 2011 Dodge. Took up all the space, but it fit. Have not tried my 2014 yet. Supposedly has same box.
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    Salem ice cabin

    Picked up a 8x16 this year. First wheelhouse for me. It is a bit if a pig to tow. I think a equalizer hitch would make a big difference. Yes, the hydraulic jacks could be a bit faster, and it is faster is you jack them up with the generator attached. Or plugged into your truck. But it sure does beat manually cranking it! Wish it had a couple more windows though. And the window in the door has frosted glass?? Mine had one of the optional bunks. Ended up removing it as it blocked half a window and took up space. Cots work just as well. Rubber floor is nice, easy to clean up, no stink in carpet later.
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    Anyone know what lake this is?

    From the traffic, it could be Rush.
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    Mr. Heater problems...again?

    Of the 5 Buddies I have at home (1 Big, 4 regular) only 2 work. Anyone ever replace the ceramic element in a buddy heater? I have a brand new one that worked great for about 5 minutes. Then it was knocked off its perch and hit the ice, broke the element. I can order a replacement element online, but I cant really see how its replaced.
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    Smoking Prime Rib for Xmas

    speaking of counter top roasters. I have one of those "showtime" rotisserie ovens and I'd like to do a prime rib in it for new years. Any one have any experience in doing this? I got this from a friend and have never used this oven before.
  8. All yours Brian. Will call you this evening.
  9. Fits Otter Lodge, might fit others but I built it specificially for my Lodge. 2x2 frame, plywood, outdoor carpet on it. Folds in half for transport. Barely used. 4 holes. Used it for weekends up at URL. Been using my hub houses more these days, so its gotta go.
  10. Still have it and its in my way! If It gets a bit warmer this weekend I will try to get some pics of it setup in the Otter.
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    Question about pickling pike

    Wow! Thanks for this. I was going to start pickling some norderns tonight and they have not been froze yet! Into the freezer, will try it next week.
  12. 2 lbs venison burger, pkg of Lipton onion soup mix, 1 lb bacon. Run everything thru grinder, make into pattys.
  13. Brownells sold off a three year warehouse supply in 72 hours. I ordered some off sportsman guide, backordered till late Feb. Ordered them early Dec.
  14. Still available. Will try to get some pics of it this week.
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    PING Harmonica Bear

    Thanks guys!! Unfortunately, that is also Wisc. bow opener. Dang.
  16. Are you guys going to have the rib contest in Ham Lake this year? Or did I miss it?
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    New Smoker

    Congrats on the WSM, you'll love it. A couple of nice additions would be a Maverick ET732 remote thermomter and a PitMaster IQ110 pit controller. The IQ110 is a lifesaver, especially for long or over night cooks. Set it and forget it. As for the turkey, I would inject it and rub. I personally like the Simply Marvalous and Ployboys brands. You can get these at a number of places online. Don't rely on the temp gauge in the dome, they tend to be off a bit. That's where the ET732 comes in.
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    With the right fire basket, you can easily get 10-12 hours on a cook with a UDS.
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    Wild Game Feed Ham Lake Sportsmans Club

    Dang! Gonna be out of town. Was a blast last year!
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    2012 Ram

    I have a 2011 that I got last July. 13,000 on it so far. I get around 16-17 mpg with it. Seems to get worse milage in winter. Best I saw was 18 mpg. So far I love it. Not a single issue. Not counting the person who ran into it a couple weeks after I got it.
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    Smokers, what kind do you have??

    Weber smokey mountain (WSM) 22" Chargriller pro Brinkman type smoker (Im trying to figgure out what it is. It looks like Rippers Brinkman but has vertical smoker on the end where the stack is.) weber kettles dedicated as smokers always charcol I would avoid the Chargriller for cold weather BBQ
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    Here's a stumper! ### ANSWER POSTED ###

    Air bag sensor not attached or loose?
  23. Anyone know of any coming up in MN this summer/fall?