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  1. I have a thrones power noodle 24" for sale. Ill do 60$ pu in duluth or u pay ship
  2. A few days of chasing silvers on the Kenai this month...
  3. Thanks! Its shaping up to be a good one. I caught 15 kings in 2.5 hours scouting for tomorrows trip so should be good.
  4. The runs are officially started up here on the Kenai Peninsula. If you know where to go King fishing has been excellent this year, and we filled out Kenai river sockeye limits in two hours on Sunday afternoon.
  5. The new otter resort hubs are awesome
  6. Yep that's. Me I was trying to scare it away
  7. Me duking it out with a seal over a nice coho on the Kenai river.
  8. Marine general has a ton of them in duluth. They ship
  9. Girlfriend catches a nice 14 lb coho.
  10. Thats my neck of the woods. Two years ago we had an incredible push of fish that week. The last two seasons our reds have showed up a little late, with a massive push in mid-august this year. Heres a few Kenai pics from my boat to get you even more excited. You will have a blast, and you should be able to find fish that time of year.
  11. Zach- Where are you going? Alaska is a huge place, with different runs happening at different times.
  12. those blades look really bad. Get new ones. I was having the same issues with mine, replaced the blades today and cut like new again.
  13. Bassholes, should have given them your fish then called him in for cheating.
  14. Im a little late to the party but Jims spoons used to be my go-to on superior. 90% of the spoons I fished were his. I had him custom paint a few of my T-50 flatfish this spring for Alaska and had excellent luck. His paint jobs rock.
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