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  1. Here is what I've found, In the early fall the local browns come in and will be in for a couple months or more but not many in the harbor at any given time. The next browns coming in will be Seeforellens (the big ones!). They will start showing up in Ocotber and continue through December. The real hot action is usually in late October and through November. If you had one month to fish it would be November. You have the locals coming back out of the river (post spawn) and really hungry and the Seeforellens coming in pre spawn. November is Brown trout fishing heaven. McKinley pier, the McKinley harbor, Lakeshore State Park estuary, the area behind the Amphitheater, and Jones Island are all good bets. The Browns aren't shy in fall so if you don't get action in the first 1/2 hour, keep moving. For kids, the LSSP estuary and the area behind the amphitheater are very safe as far as not having to worry about little kids falling in. Minnow baits like the original 4.5 inch Thunderstick and Husky jerk-baits are good bets. Small cranks like Berkely Flicker Shads, #7 Shad Raps or Deep Thunderstick Juniors are good in deeper areas. Smaller spoons like #1 Cyclops & 2/5th Cleos can also be good but the plugs seem better in Late October and November. For live baits, a medium to large golden shiner or a spawn sack is a good option. Hope this helps.
  2. Depends on the time of year. April thru June...it's pretty clear. Some days it's pretty easy to see rocks in 8 fow. June-September it's pretty green. 1-2' clarity. September -ice up it gets better again. Wind really affects the clarity out here...especially once the algae blooms starts. With a big blow from the south, the north shore looks like pea soup, while down south it's clear. The smallie population in this lake is exploding and in the next 10 years, this lake will likely be one of the top smallmouth lakes in the nation. Try the whole east shore reef structure for spawning smallies. Many of the western side reefs and shore structure can be good as well.
  3. Things turned out great...just 68 staples and about 1200 dollars later. Darn dog!!!
  4. Perhaps you have already seen information about this or have lately seen a post, but I will again remind all pet owners to keep the Gorilla glue away from your dog. Don't be a (Contact Us Please) like me and leave it low enough for the dog to eat. The glue expands to 10x's the original size and cannot be passed. Surgery is the only way to remove the glue mass. My 6 month old lab is going in tomorrow for surgery. Man, what a mess!
  5. Awesome bass fishing....for both smallies and largies. Fish the rocky shoreline structure for smallies and the sloppy bays for the largemouth.
  6. Walleye, Unfortuantely, I am moving to Antigo, WI. this week. Bummer...otherwise I would have loved to meet up and fish. Perhaps I will be back. Otherwise, shoot me an email from time to time at hammerem1976 at yahoo (Contact Us Please). Good luck to ya, and there are a TON of walleyes waiting to be caught!
  7. If you put out anything to attract a deer, you are baiting. This includes dumping apples, corn, licks, ect. However, the state only recognizes this during the hunting season. If you are hunting apple trees, why dump apples. Hunt the ones on the ground. If you are hunting a picked corn field, you don't need to dump any corn. I think it ultimately comes down to your own personal code of hunting ethics. I believe in something quite different than the next guy....and perhaps it is because of my many years of hunting state land (along with 15 years of deer hunting in Minnesota). Minnesota banned baiting because of dangerous side effects that CAN come from it's use; such as diseases and of course deer dependency, and now even more noticeable, is the presence of deer in cities, where they are being feed on the suburban edges. I know Minnesota was very concerned and still is concerned about CWD, and with Wisconsin being as proactive as they are to prevent the spread of CWD in other ares, it's only time before the rest of the state follows suit. Again, this is only personal opinion, but I believe there are many, many things a hunter can do to improve his or her odds of bagging a deer. 1. Scout and pattern 2. Improve your wood lot. Many people forget that logging is important to the habitat of the whitetail deer. 3. Work with your neighboors, not against them. I recognize the baiting of bear to be a dangerous prospect as well, however I am not a bear hunter and will not speculate or offer thoughts or theories as to why it is or is not important to bait. Presently, it comes down to what you believe in ethically and I certainly will not tell someone else what is ethically right or wrong, such as the case here. IF you want to bait and it is legal, you have the right to do so. I however feel differently and only attempted to tell you why here.
  8. Great Musky and smallie territory! Some good eyes too, but the first two are the primary target.
  9. Wade, there is a big difference between baiting and feeding. Baiting is the feeding for the purpose of "taking" a game animal. Feeding birds is for viewing pleasure...and has no correlation to the hunting of those birds! I believe very strongly that if you are baiting a deer, you are no longer hunting; but rather, attempting to just shoot an animal. I do not bait, will not bait and believe it is not part of what hunting means to me. Food plots? I'm undecided about at this time. Will I hunt a corn field? Yes. Will I hunt an alfalfa field? Yes. Will I specifically cut down trees and plant alfalfa on an 80 acre plot to bring deer in? I don't know? Probably considered baiting though! Will baiting be banned in Wisconsin? YES. I do not know when, but it has started and eventually, like Minnesota; Wisconsin will outlaw the baiting of the White Tail deer. Bear are however a much different entity!
  10. Probably a little late, but I don't frequent the Sheboygan area. So, as you would guess I know nothing about the charter services in the area. Hope you enjoyed your time in the area.
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