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  1. Why cant you raise your own for that? Once you have the chickens they pay for themselves. Sell a three dozen a month will pay for the next months feed. We have 12 slowed down this time of year but spring , summer, and fall get 7-12 a day.
  2. Does that include just skinning and deboning or only if your turning it into sausage and stuff.
  3. How much you get for 19.99. Don't sound like much of a sale. Sale used to be like 9.99.
  4. You should put a little butter on your bread.
  5. Most everything did great for me this year except my onions didn't get very big. Peppers growing absolutely crazy. Cukes , zucchini , tomatoes all good. Sweetcorn ok think it had to many dry spells when it was smoking hot out. Started even curling up a few times. Pumpkins turning orange already for some reason. Probably irrelevant cause deer found them and the spaghetti squash patch. Learned yesterday that I don't like making and canning spaghetti sauce in the garage when its 90 and stupid humid out.
  6. Think I would shoot that with the 12 gauge instead of camera.
  7. Maybe you jinxed him. Don't think hes been on base since.
  8. Find a spot deeper or shallower where the trailer is levelest. Boat will float on level if trailer is crooked not much you can do. Ive had to load with tail lights out of the water before cause landing was so jacked up.
  9. Seen this one Saturday morning. Forgot to look both ways before crossing the road.
  10. Looking pretty good.
  11. I thought when they rot at that size its cause they weren't properly pollinated.
  12. Is the mint Copenhagen to sprinkle over the top at the end?
  13. Looked did then realized I don't believe his taste buds. He purposely was drinking Miller Lite. Yuk
  14. Wish I knew someone who eats those pheasant backs found a [PoorWordUsage] load of them.
  15. Ive been trying to find the same thing
  16. The forecast keeps getting colder every time I look. Now they are saying mid to upper 20's in areas around the metro. Hope that don't kill the apple and pear tree flowers. Do ya think strawberries need to covered since they are flowering?
  17. Not sure why that picture got so big.
  18. Kids wanted to go fishing and mamma wanted to go for a walk so we killed two birds with one stone.
  19. They were broken but they looked like normal white eggs a little bigger then the ones our banty chicken lays.
  20. I hope not but I don't see any reason why the egg shells would be out of the house otherwise. There is a duck in another box about 15 feet away you think a mink would have got that one too. Maybe have to get the ladder out and climb up and look. If it was a mink im guessing the duck will still be in there dead.
  21. Could they have hatched already? Last night under one of the boxes in my back yard there was 5 broken shells and a bunch of down feathers. Hope nothing got in there and got them.
  22. I bought the 36" a month or so ago. I really like it. It needs to warm up cause the garage gets very warm and smokey when cooking inside. I do need to figure out a cover cause every piece of fuzz floating around sticks to it when not in use. Cant even imagine what it will be like when the cottonwoods come to life.
  23. Took the drive last night after the snow. Saw zero turkeys and 97 deer. Fall should be good.
  24. What a butt kicker yesterday. Saturday playing in the garden I had my shirt off trying to tan some fat and now its buried in snow. At least my strawberries will get a slow water as it melts.
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