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  1. Found a big eye down here in Iowa. Over 11lbs and the first eye I have caught this year.
  2. Had a great week in Canada. Caught 12 eyes over 28" with two over 30"(Dad got both lucky dog). Here's 4 of the 5 over 28" I caught. First two were 29.25"s and the first one actually topped 10lbs.
  3. Saw that you guys have really clear water over there right now. Would love to get over there and get in on the action but the fishing around here has been too good to justify the extra drive.
  4. Did really good around here this weekend too. Caught fish up to 24". Both leeches and crawlers put fish in the boat. Our best time was from 9 am until around 1 pm
  5. Got out today, caught about 20 eyes but only one keeper. Caught fish pulling crawlers and minnows. Sounds like the bite has been pretty good.
  6. Sounds like conditions are very similar to what we have with the Des Moines right now.
  7. Man I have to get out that way some day.
  8. They are barely letting out any water right now, weird spring.
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