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  1. Seeing whats working for everyone using decoys for mn. opener. My new whiteface DSD jake had 2 toms come in for my 10 year old grandson, Jeffrey. Whats working for everyone else? When using hen/jens only decoys, how do you set them and what do you use etc. Like upright and feeder???? Just seeing.
  2. Ill try that bigfish and let you know how it turns out. Thanks
  3. Thanks guys!!! I have a 18.5' ,, 2001 Lund Pro V with a 80 horse 4 stroke tiller on it. Is there a way to get the old gas out of the tank without using a pump of some type?
  4. Thanks Delcecchi? Just looking for some ideas....
  5. Yes I did Jeremy. It was the resister module. Had some issues with my computer but back to being good again. THANK YOU ALL!
  6. Going to ask what this problem is. Last year I had an issue with it missing off and on and having issues with it accelerating. I thought bad gas. So I put in 10 gallons and ran half way decent but started again. I did change the online fuel filter also. Should a guy run nonoxygenated at like 91 octane in this four stroke to get a better performance? I have always ran regular gas in it but was told by someone to try the 91 octane stuff. Being a four stroke I was thinking maybe not. Maybe just a good tune up. I havent had it tuned up in 4-6 years though. I live in Southwest mn. and is there a good tune up shop around? Otherwise off to South Dakota or Iowa. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  7. Does anyone know how to check the new resistor module to see if its weak? Ohm test maybe and what the ohms should be? Also, will the fan work on low if the high speed relay is bad? Got in a minute ago and working now again to. Thanks, Jeff
  8. I changed the resistor. Worked great until today.. -8 deg. Right now. I still believe its the high speed relay. Everyone i talked to thought resistor except me. Although it had no melted connections on plug when i put in new resistor. Thought the issue was solved but guess not. I did (WHACK), the blower motor and no change. Thanks for helping out guys.
  9. Any ideas on why my heater fan quit? Has heat etc. But wont blow harder as i turn it up. All fuses are good. Maybe a fan relay?
  10. Running fine until about a week ago. Now it has a irregular miss at acceleration and higher speeds. I changed the dist cap and rotor which was time and checked all the wires and alll are working. The choke will not close when cold . Changed filter at carb and plugs and started to run better until got on highway and ran it for a bit until the temp gage went up over 230 and I shut it down. No idea whats going on. When I got it home(towed it) i started it and started o.k. I went behind it and listened at the exhaust and as he accelerated it at an even(1750rpm) it had a good even run but every once and awhile it would pop out the passenger side exhaust. Not like even but it would pop and then be a second before it did it again and then maybe 7-10 seconds before the next time etc. and so forth. no reason why and I NEED HELP WITH THIS!! thanks, Jeff
  11. Went ahead and changed the fuel pump guys. The spring on the mechanical pump was gone. That solved the cut outs and will start now with a touch of the key. Thanks to all!
  12. Tried wiring the choke open at operating temp and took for a drive. Still misses at appx 45 mph. Always seem to miss about 90% of the time at that speed although sometimes at around 30mph. Next question,,, fuel pump maybe or possibly the EGR VALVE. Dont have a way to test the fuel pump but thinking with the way its hard to start I was thinking possibly low fuel pressure.
  13. My grandson has a restored 1985 silverado p/u that has an HEI a 400 hp. small block with roller rockers/ dart heads etc. Just out of the blue it developed a miss/cuts out. What it does is he can put his brakes on and give it gas and it will turn the tires over although as he accelerates at appx. 45 mph it developes a miss/ cuts out. It also has been starting hard recently. It does have an electric choke and has power to it. I did check that and the butterfly on the top of the carb stays open when you go to start it in the cold. Does not close / choke it. Can it be this or a fuel pump? Need some ideas guys.... THX!
  14. I would like to get some recipes to inject a turkey breast, and appx. how long does it take to smoke it? And whats a good wood to use ?
  15. I have a friend that bought a new ford escape SUV. Since he has bought it, it has a problem with just shutting off while driving along. Any ideas on what is happening and is there a recall on these? Thanks
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