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  1. Running fine until about a week ago. Now it has a irregular miss at acceleration and higher speeds. I changed the dist cap and rotor which was time and checked all the wires and alll are working. The choke will not close when cold . Changed filter at carb and plugs and started to run better until got on highway and ran it for a bit until the temp gage went up over 230 and I shut it down. No idea whats going on. When I got it home(towed it) i started it and started o.k. I went behind it and listened at the exhaust and as he accelerated it at an even(1750rpm) it had a good even run but every once and awhile it would pop out the passenger side exhaust. Not like even but it would pop and then be a second before it did it again and then maybe 7-10 seconds before the next time etc. and so forth. no reason why and I NEED HELP WITH THIS!! thanks, Jeff
  2. Went ahead and changed the fuel pump guys. The spring on the mechanical pump was gone. That solved the cut outs and will start now with a touch of the key. Thanks to all!
  3. Tried wiring the choke open at operating temp and took for a drive. Still misses at appx 45 mph. Always seem to miss about 90% of the time at that speed although sometimes at around 30mph. Next question,,, fuel pump maybe or possibly the EGR VALVE. Dont have a way to test the fuel pump but thinking with the way its hard to start I was thinking possibly low fuel pressure.
  4. My grandson has a restored 1985 silverado p/u that has an HEI a 400 hp. small block with roller rockers/ dart heads etc. Just out of the blue it developed a miss/cuts out. What it does is he can put his brakes on and give it gas and it will turn the tires over although as he accelerates at appx. 45 mph it developes a miss/ cuts out. It also has been starting hard recently. It does have an electric choke and has power to it. I did check that and the butterfly on the top of the carb stays open when you go to start it in the cold. Does not close / choke it. Can it be this or a fuel pump? Need some ideas guys.... THX!
  5. I would like to get some recipes to inject a turkey breast, and appx. how long does it take to smoke it? And whats a good wood to use ?
  6. I have a friend that bought a new ford escape SUV. Since he has bought it, it has a problem with just shutting off while driving along. Any ideas on what is happening and is there a recall on these? Thanks
  7. x1957x

    2017 hso Turkey Quest Teams/Scores

    THX BORCH for helping with the contest... And to team #5 a big congratulations and a High FIve! Hats off to all of them. Illini, and special congrats to you for the biggest tom (adult) division!
  8. x1957x

    2017 Turkey Quest Submission Thread

    X1957X turkey submission for team #5
  9. got time to check it out (finally). All it was was the positive side of the battery has 2 cables that run to it. I found the computer one was closest to battery and the starter one was on the outside. This had to be turned to starter cable first and the computer cable second ????. Alls well after that. I also had to get a longer bolt in it to make a better connection..
  10. x1957x

    Bear Lottery

    I'm in, in zone 13
  11. x1957x

    The toms are still workable

    congrats to your dad Borch!
  12. x1957x

    Team 5

    Hey team, last miute success for the team...... nice tom too!!! Heading on vacation today will submit it mid next week when I get back. 22.11lbs with 10 3/4 beard.
  13. My suburban(97) has a few issues. Every time I get in it the time changes and lately it seems to turn over slow and not like it is getting gas. It does eventually start tho. It also sometimes has a dimmer switch(blinker) where it wont change the low to High beams. Any answers?? Maybe ignition switch? Need some idea where to start to look. Thanks
  14. x1957x

    2017 Turkey Quest Submission Thread

    Dillons submission for team #5.