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  1. schmitty3

    Wild 2015-2016 Season

    Tough times for the Wild. I know it's the coaches job to motivate these guys, but how about some of our leaders step up, and lead by example. We spend all this money on Parise, who does his part although I think he is definitely playing hurt right now, and Suter, who just doesn't really show the heart IMO. It was his awful turnover that lead to the first goal in the last game, and when asked about it after the game tried to spread the blame to everyone else. How bout he shows some accountability and takes some responsibility for it. Maybe he's playing too many minutes, but I just don't really see the fight out of him. Then you've got Koivu and Vanek who have each been struggling in their own right, and I just don't see the hustle out of them. As far as Yeo goes I wish he would just take a stand and put some of these guys in the press box for a game or 2 to show them it's not tolerated. Pomminvile, Granlund, Koivu, Vanek, Suter have all had games where it looked like they were just taking the night off. We'll see what happens, hopefully they can turn it around again, but it's looking more and more less likely each game.
  2. schmitty3


    Actually you're right, preseason SOS had the Vikes playing the 12th toughest schedule, when by the end of the year they were ranked #10.
  3. schmitty3


    A team that won 11 games was truly a .500 team Dohkay! Then when you get hit with the numbers to prove your point wrong they're meaningless and out of context.
  4. schmitty3

    Viking Season 2015

    Thought they looked decent, but Detroit looked terrible so hard to tell how good they really played. Nice to see Adrian get back on track but wow did he look slow when getting out on the edge. he still has the power though, and I think as we play some better teams those shotgun runs will continue to be ineffective. He needs to line up 7 yards deep and attack the hole he doesnt have the quickness or patience to be running out of the gun. Tough matchup next next weekend as the chargers are going to put our linebackers to the test with their short quick throws over the middle.
  5. schmitty3

    Viking Season 2015

    Absolutely pathetic performance from everyone on the team on Monday. Anthony Barr seems to be the only one who had a decent game. Good ole Norv doing what he does best, if I have to hear "one of the best offensive minds in the game" one more time i'm going to puke. The guy is awful, never in a million years would I think an OC would take Adrian Peterson on their team and not build a game plan behind him. Adrian was an afterthought, pile he sat on the bench for half of the offensive drives. It looked like they were trying to play some sort of college based offense, put Teddy under center and pound AP. He can't run from the shotgun so don't try to reinvent his style at age 30 wtf the guy is clueless. When they start playing the run use the PA game. And how bout that defense...yikes. 230 rushing yards for SF, lets hope that's their worst performances of the year cause that sucked. Where was Everson Griffin, and Brian Robison all night?
  6. schmitty3

    Gopher Football 2015

    They've got to have a better option at qb than Leidner. The guy just can not throw the ball. Some may say he's got experience and can manage the team, but that proved false the other night when he was just oblivious to the play clock 3 times. It's sad to watch because this could be a very good team with a solid quarterback.
  7. schmitty3

    2015 HSO Fantasy League

    We doing the league again this yr?
  8. schmitty3

    Wild vs Blackhawks

    What a disappointing series. Those were 4 of the most frustrating games to watch, especially the home games. Gotta give Chicago credit though they played our game better than we could play our game. Completely shut us down defensively, and then were very opportunistic. Dubnyk definitely wasn't at his best. He let in a number of soft goals, and we've seen how that can affect a team. Crawford stole a game or 2 for Chicago, and we really needed Dubnyk to do the same for us. Should be an interesting off season, lots of moves to make or not make.
  9. schmitty3

    Wild vs Blackhawks

    Yup D play has not been good, but you can't win when you don't put the puck in the net. I knew right away when Cooke didn't put that one in early in the first it was going to come back to haunt us. The place would have went nuts if he scored there, and I think we would have rolled from there. Crazy we give Kane one look and he buries it, but yet we can't even hit the net on a breakaway. Pominville has had a number of chances this series where he has failed to hit the net. It's weird how Yeo is so eager to change the lines if they have nothing going in the regular season, but this series... nothing. We've gotta change something up to get some offense going. Also I don't care how much potential he has to provide offense, Vanek should be riding the pine. I was at game 3 and so in person how lazy he is out there. That was a must win game, and he showed absolutely no effort, lost every 50/50 battle, and spent most of his time with his skates anchored at the blue line. It is pathetic the effort he shows, and he is a liability out there.
  10. schmitty3

    Wild vs Blackhawks

    That was about as bad as I've seen the Wild play since that stretch before Dubnyk came over. It almost seems to me like they got so locked in on playing their "defensive game" and locking up the Hawks that they forgot to play offense. Doesn't matter how many break downs they have defensively they are never going to win with that little scoring chances. Where is that speed that has created so many problems for opposing teams. Ryan Suter needs to step it up as well. He is the 3rd highest paid Defenseman in the league, and he looks terrible out there. I know theres no way it happens yet this year, but I think it's time to move him off the #1 pp unit, he just doesn't bring much of anything to that IMO.
  11. schmitty3

    Wild vs Blues

    Good road win last night, now let's please just make this easy and take care of things tomorrow. It was nice to get a pp goal last night, but other than that the pp looks awful. Can we stop with that stupid drop pass in the middle of the ice. Everyone and their mother can see it coming and they all end up entering the zone flat footed. It was great to see Dubnyk come back and play so well after his rough game 4. He has been great at putting games behind him, whether it's good or bad.
  12. schmitty3

    Wild vs Blues

    Ha! That'd be great. I'd love to see Ott on the wrong end of some blows by Bickel, just like Pedan earlier this year...
  13. schmitty3

    Wild vs Blues

    Great all around game tonight. Wild were clearly the better team, and the X was rocking all night. Wednesdays game is huge we win that one the series should be ours in 5. Ott is a punk, but I think him being "dirty" is getting overblown. He put a good hit on Scandella and then gave him the business, which he did get called for, and then him and Spurgeon just got tangled up. He's out there to start stuff, and he's been doing his job. Now if he was scratching at Spurgeons face and eyes like Dubnyk said that's a whole other story.
  14. schmitty3

    Wild vs Blues

    Good road win to start the series out. I was really surprised the Blues didn't throw their weight around more. I expect them to be much more physical tomorrow.
  15. schmitty3

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Agreed not the worst lose. Dubnyk gave up a couple that he normally doesn't, and we couldn't stay out of the box. Two worst penalties in hockey IMO the delay of game and 4 min double major for blood. Officiating seemed a little one sided though, there were multiple plays that could have been called against NY and that call on Vanek was soft. And what was up with Suter just loafing back on the icing plays. I still that one at the end of the game should've been icing, but that's what he gets for not going back hard at that puck.