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  1. thurs morn got my rose got stripped on my dead stick when I set the hook. 2 min later jigged a crappie with a minnow in its mouth. How did I know its my minnow? The minnow had no tail! I had cut the tail off with a sissors to slow down the presentation!!!
  2. thanx for openin up my midwest eyes/mind!
  3. last just blew us away!!! Shadow cast, among local, was almost identical!
  4. cisco kid


    d t , your right! Sorry, Vikes foreever!
  5. cisco kid


    The most dissapointing game in recent history! Stop waisting your money! Sell or move the Vikes! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE1
  6. I think you only have to pay half the tax
  7. Fry 1/2 in. slicesin butter/oil with onions and green peppers and serve over rice like pepper steak
  8. uni-jig stick.. One of the most informative and precise analogies I have ever read. Works for me here in No. Cen . Wi.
  9. Buzz..Correct on the pro (spoiled baby ) athlete thing!!! I am in the construction field. Had a co-worker who just got canned for a dirty [PoorWordUsage] test. Was laid off too long. If only he had known. Unreal how the cleansing tools have evolved.
  10. Great toon BUZZSAW!! ALWAYS carry the kit!!!
  11. 789...I was in the identical twilite zone as you here in no.cen. wi. the perch are still there but in a major funk. in one week it has gone from nutsville feeding frenzy to softer bite but still getting some to today ,looking ..no takers.
  12. The pack will lose bubba and sharper yet also. farve is a gammer but what is he thinking? hang er up now bret, you got nothing to prove! GO VIKES!!!
  13. 10-4 boiler. I do this with crappies, jig one and dead stick a minnow with the other. Today I was jigging perch in 35 fow. Caught what I needed but totally spaced out even using a dead stick. Didnt have minnows with but still could have set a spikes or waxies in front of them. This is one of the reasons I tune in the not only learn new stuff but to say DUH!!! I should have done that!!
  14. nj, I do find that you will get those few aggressive bitters and then they seem to lose interest . Sometimes the school has moved on but have swithed lures and get one or two to hit again before they do shut down and I have to move around to find the bitters again.
  15. boiler, are you using a depth finder to watch both presentations at once?
  16. no so dont think about it! gamefish closed here at midnite on the 6th.
  17. cisco kid

    spin nglow

    need some web sites to order some. will use for walleye in the wi. river
  18. The only permit you need is from the wifey when the honeydo list is done. If single just go!!!!
  19. One hr . burn to one and a half hr. charge ------------------
  20. I usually use the ratio of 1hr burn time to 1 1/12 hr charge ------------------
  21. What up!! Back on line yet! Hurry back bud! ------------------
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