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  1. Looks like thats a match. I will leave the rest be then, that didn't seem like something I want in on.
  2. I'm sorry for the insinuation, your slave days are over, just the residual patterns and brain grooves remain from years of conditioned thought exist. I hope you're working on smoothing those grooves out so you can learn again. Treadmill=Bad
  3. Bear, in real life, i am pretty much the same. Thank you for such an interest in me. Lol. Dave crying but called me a Dick. Typical sugar slave, cannot have a clear perception of reality or life. Good job bud, but that thick skin is hardened fascia from having poor ROM from an inability to move properly over the course of your life. Roony so bad wants me to give him some attention. Ok little buddy, all you got is Dr roids comments or you got something better to say? Please give me your opinion of treadmills or be a little ankle bitter some more.
  4. The, "you're gay" comeback, classic. I'm sure you're just the embodiment of conscious health choices.
  5. Pitchers? Lol, i do remember him responding in the past with one when nobody was even engaging him.
  6. Nice little insertion there, way to show youre scratching HARD for something. Go eat a Cliff Bar you walking commercial. Bet you havent seen yourself pee since the 80s, maybe you should invest in something like that. Probably give you a little confidence boost, maybe engage your hamstrings even to balance the body flow going into a bigger dong. Or be Mr. Pin, up to you, we all have out choices. I cant recommend, it not an area to work on talking back, but hows that soy protein?
  7. Its for health, not masculinity you dimwit.
  8. Post a shirtless selfie to demonstrate your knowledge of health and wellness and how youve applied that knowledge. With that detail your last 3 days of consumption. What it was, when it was, how much was it that you ate and drank any supplements you take as well. Thank you
  9. LOL! Yeah, ok buddy. I bet if I was a man who consumed vast amounts of soy my entire life, I would think a man that hasnt (consumed a large amount of soy) is also on roids. But that isnt my problem, thats yours for having your estrogen levels raise to those of a womans, so naturally, a male presence like myself would immediately trigger a response such as yours, being you are blind to reality and all, thinking you're still as much man today as you were before you started consuming soy as its been inserted into a lot of products put in front of you for consumption. Blind to reality, I see more woman with that nowdays then men, but the men arent far behind them. Must be the soy. Silly you, thinking I am a roid user when youre just less of a man then you used to be. Now your panties are in a bunch... Anybody else want me to dodge your jab and counter punch with some info?
  10. Nothing beats a slap from yourself, it is always a good thing. You didnt actually think you got a shot in on me, did you?
  11. Is it too aggessive for you or something? Im a speak my mind kind of guy and sometimes an in your face slap, isnt bad. Especially when reality isnt actually real.
  12. Its natural adrenaline, you wouldn't know what that feels like as sugar fuels everything you do, especially your emotions. Its Thursday and I bet my processed sugar toll for the week is somewhere around 1 gram so I dont need a chill pill, you slaves just need to wake up. Go take that sugar high to the treadmill and run like the little lab rat you've been raised to be. Until you need more sugar water, which is right here for you (Gatorade) to fill you up with electrolights... LOL, Thats you Del!!! You buy into all that junk, HA! Go home now and eat your soy protein bar...LMAO!!
  13. I thought that is the method you guys prefer, i guess i just didnt have enough self absorption....
  14. Bear, I am sorry I dont choose to so eloquently express myself as well as you. Glad to see you got my point though, do you think there is a communication method that would work better to drive a point home to these "sugar slaves of commercialism?" I think the brainwashing is so deep that whatever communication method I choose, whether it be brash/harsh filled with grammar errors or typed as if I was some studious english lad, will fail as the information inside is the same and goes against every bit of influence they have bought into their entire life, is it the communication method or the message? Id rather be made fun of assuming I wear a tinfoil hat then be lead on a life-long Auschwitz march down Commercial Ave, depriving you of an actual existence with free will. Have fun with that, slaves.
  15. Beats being a programmed robot, walking commercial like you.
  16. Your gen is so lost though it isnt even funny. And no longer can you guys manage your emotions. I have witnessed so many baby boomers become soft and unable to express their feelings responsibly. You have reverted to kids, you want to be like the millennials, you want to be trendy as if thats still "cool", you have bought whatever some good-looking celebrity has told you to buy for all that you can remember. You watched the Kennedy's get murdered and did nothing about it but believe lies, you let corporations destroy humanity, the same stuff that is happening today happened in the 60s and you did nothing to stop it but watch TV. You tried to shove that down your kids throats as normal and now, they are all messed up too, probably prescribed a bunch of unnecessary pills. There was always tomorrow, the sun will come up and as long as I see it I am happy, regardless how many wont. You were breed to be selfish a-holes, only worry about self but that back fired and all you care about is what other people are doing and what they think about what and how you are doing something, you have mostly become self-righteous thinkers-thanks church for installing that one-falsely. A nation of nervous nelly's and so much is controlled by our diets and what had been authorized "safe" for consumption. Del, do I think big Gov and big Pharm and the FDA are all against you? Absolutely, and if you dont then we are going to look back in 50 years from now and say, "Gee wiz, this all happened 50 years ago." Am I making any sense to you? Probably not, went on a rant there but man, you are blinded if you dont remotely understand. Maybe in 50 years after your long gone, I'll scratch my head and say, "I wonder if theyre going to make a cure for cancer" Na, I would have beaten it 3-4 times by then and been called a "medical miracle" cause my body was different than everyone elses when in reality I just took a bunch of broken cell Chlorella and other natural stuff that cant be lab made and marketed, like using weed as a pain killer.... What, you think heroin, I mean opioids were a better choice?
  17. If you remove the air from the environment, this is true..... Seriously? Huh, how do body mechanics and movement patterns remain the same? Wow..... Have fun living life, "going through the motions" ignorantly throwing one foot in front of the other and think its the same pattern as Usain Bolt walking, you cant be serious here. There is a LOT of information out there that a medical provider wont tell you as they are not informed either. If you have cancer, you are your best healthcare advocate, PERIOD. Walking would not produce soreness, its takes much more stress to create soreness for me but that is because I train to positively manage stress and my workouts are much more stressful then what I would encounter day to day. You get sore from the treadmill because you have conditioned yourself to be only able to handle minimum stress, sad, very sad because you are getting on that treadmill probably for some sort of performance benefit. Sorry nancy-boy but that aint happening, you are deconditioning yourself and your hamstrings probably hurt due to spite for me and so you go into your treadmill session thinking, oh I better use my hamstrings here... Can you bend forward and touch the ground without bending your knees? Do you feel your hamstrings or just the back of your knee? I agree, if you are Del Cecci and you have little common sense, as shown in the examples above, you will guide yourself to the wrong answer. Do you need to be told that another thing you engage in is detrimental to your health or something? What do you need to know about statins and health risks? You are a reason why our healthcare system is so messed up.
  18. Im just going to leave it at this: Merck: Revenue: 39.5 billion USD (2015) Pfizer: Revenue: 52.82 billion USD (2016) No mention of a treadmill with the info above, it is not needed as the example shows how deeply brainwashed people have become. Why is the answer to swallow something? Because he has been told to believe that logic. This is very sad as it reflects an individual who hasnt learned anything in a very long time, they have just heard people who they view as smarter than themselves speak the information. No fact checking because the individual went to school for longer and wears a white coat, as long as the information is in line with our opinion, not fact, opinion. Unlike us being born with hamstrings-thats a fact. This individual is so dense he cant get past the common sense bit and tries to make things challenging by inserting physics as a lifeline in his struggle to see commercialism has completely blinded him. Show me a study..... cause those are accurate, a strict set of guidelines ALL studies follow... Ok
  19. For treadmills, I have 100's of 1000s of years of evidence for how Man is suppose to move and guess what Del, I aint the dupe thinking they're good by believing a manufacture funded study.... baahhh baahhhh, join the herd at the gym, at the Doctors office, the pharmacy, PT, OR waiting room, post surgical PT, support group that cant figure out why they cant walk down stairs without extreme pain... Go join them, I will be the different one who understands reason and purpose while you listen to what somebody else told you to think. Statins... well, see ya later memory..but you have already shown signs of that fading quickly. No worries though, I dont expect you to care too much as flouride and other chemicals have crystallized your Pineal gland. Rendering you a pretty useless human as your ability to absorb new information is thwarted, but dont worry, a high percentage are probably a stone like anybody who drank public water for a large portion of your life. But you can at least be aware of this and dont suck down melatonin like a vast majority of the public, further shutting it downby you drinking city water and you can take supplements to attempt to reverse the damage that trusting the system created. Call me crazy.... I guess I need a shrink and a bottle of pills, always Del's go to. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!! aahh hhhaaa, ahhhh hhhhaaa, aaahhhh hhhhaaa, aaaaaaaaa ha ha a (weeze) ........ ...... hhhaaaa **mouth breathing w/ a little hold at the end for effect.
  20. "Mainstream"=Sheep mentality "Unusual"=Not mainstream You're brainwashed into believing treadmills, ultimately, are beneficial and common sense says no, but the common sense approach is forgotten due to the heavy influence of somebody trying to make a buck off of you for what? Convenience. Yup Del, convenience, remember that word today when you observe how people live, make choices-subconsciously, look at how many convenient choices are made compared to logical and then you can begin to understand why treadmills are manufactured, why they sell a bunch of them, why a bunch of people use them, and why you were foolish to think they had any value. Now what is happening is you are defending a purchase you have made or time you have invested on one instead of absorb any information for why you were wrong to do so. Hey man, we all make mistakes, owning up to them shouldn't be this tough for you unless you're one of those guys that is never wrong No time looking up any information to back my view would be worth it, I dont need to reinforce my belief as it is regarding how the human body has become what we are today and treadmills being introduced very recently and it going against how we are designed to move-The ground dont move under you, you move on top of it-NEWS FLASH!!! Im sure pfizer and merck dont get mixed up in any studies and trials, they are 100% ethical and accurate.... Del's "Boys" of trust for personal well being: Merck: Revenue: 39.5 billion USD (2015) Pfizer: Revenue: 52.82 billion USD (2016) but but mayo clinic in Rochester, my home town..... Most of you arent even human, just a walking mass of sugar, preservatives, syrups, roundup, pharmaceuticals, minimum neurological communication due to your unhealthy lifestyle creating demyelination-probably drag your feet often, movie quotes, generic thought, pre-programmed robot of convenience, just waiting for somebody to make a mistake so they can make fun of them for the underlining reason of poor self-image because the mirror dont lie. Move along now mouth breathers
  21. http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/07/01/new-study-finds-more-serious-problems-associated-with-cholesterol-drug-statins/ Thats pretty recent, but this is not something new. Your body is often played with for continual profit, coming at you from a lot of different angles.
  22. Del, i think a majority of your links and quotations are junk so what does it matter what i throw up for a link? You think im looney and i think youre a programmed robot trained to trust everything commercial medicine and performance training and chosen celebrity endorsed product, dangles in front of you, as long as its backed by some study to further blind you from reality. Gave up on the treadmill arguement huh? You just ran out of steam there, almost like you pulled a hammy...
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