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  1. What about cameras with lights?
  2. I wish that I could, but the land above it is close to houses and owned by a different person and I don't have permission from them. Fingers are crossed that the water will go down in the next couple of weeks and the deer will get reclimated to the area before the opener.
  3. My deer hunting area is the river bottems and it is now under several feet of water. Does anybody have an idea on how long it will take the deer to move back into the area after the water drops? I am guessing that this years slug season might be a lost cause. I doubt the deer will start bedding here again until it is fairly dry and that they would choose not to eat any vegatation that is covored in river silt. I am interested in hearing about how flooding has affected your hunts in the past or how you think it will affect mine. THANKS
  4. I just got into ice fishing a little more serious this past winter, but a day does not go by that I don't think of it during the summer. Atleast the days are getting shorter.
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. I am leaning towards solar instead of wind for the cost factor, also because it could be permantly attached to the house with out the setup every time that I move, and because I would think that it would be less visible to people with sticky fingers. Does anybody know the difference in length of time to charge a fully drained battery by using a 1.5w, 4.5w or a 15w charger?
  6. Does anybody have any expierience with them? Pros and cons? I am looking to install one on a wheelhouse. I am mostly a weekend warrior, so how large of one would I need to recharge the battery during the week? Watts? THANKS
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