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  1. Todd S.

    Flipping Jig Review

    Chris you should just tie your own jigs..... im all seriousness, nice review, the only jig in your group I fish is the AT jig, I like to trim the top skirt and turn it into a "finesse" cut jig, paint is just so so when in rock, but it does stand up nice, which is important to me as I don't "flip" a jig that much rather use a jig in open water and like a jig that stays upright and doesn't roll over.
  2. Todd S.

    13 Fishing Omen Black 2 rods

    Dan-I got a 7' medium casting last spring, only fished it a little bit tho, but its a very nice rod for the money imo
  3. Todd S.

    Weekly Bass Reports

    really struggled this past weekend. Fished 3 lakes within an hour of the metro for about 20 hours total, only caught 16 fish, not one over 3lbs. I was the bug this weekend and not the windshield.
  4. Todd S.

    Weekly Bass Reports

    I guess snapping a rod in half on a hook set and getting beat by Tony this past weekend wasn't all that bad compared to your outing Craig
  5. Todd S.

    Low water clarity; off-shore fishing

    That's about all the lakes I fish. And I hate to fish shallow. Follow the weedline out as deep as it it goes and usually fish out an additional 10' or so past the weed edge. Some lakes that might only be 8'-10' deep though. Finding the deepest coontail in a lake is usually the best for me, or closest to deep water.
  6. Todd S.

    Deep weedline Jigs

    This year I've mostly used outkast juice jig, not the greatest "grass" jig as far as punching goes, but great for weed line fish, I usually use 3/8 or 1/2 ounce. Some of the lakes I fish only get weedlines out to 8-10 feet, so deep is relative.
  7. Todd S.

    Finding a bigger bite off shore

    its those lakes IMO. Hard to beat a jig when it comes to big fish IMO.
  8. Todd S.

    Minnesota Match Fishing North Metro Division

    Ross-I'll email you his email, Nick is the guy that was in the back of my boat on Mille lacs when we saw you a couple Friday's ago.
  9. Todd S.

    Baitcaster Rookie needs advice

    12-15lb is on the mark IMO, for off the shelf I would start with Berkeley trilen XT, readily available and inexpensive, you won't feel so bad if you have to cut out a few back lashes. Order online, I would recommend same lb but YoZuri copolymer, again inexpensive and is a do all line IMO. No need to spool up the reel to 100% initially, maybe 75% or so, that will help you get the feel before you get a professional over run. Setting tension, my rule a thumb is to loosen up the tension so that the lure falls to the floor and the spool stops spinning when the lure hits the floor. The brakes are for controlling spool speed at the end of the cast, if your finding the backlash is in the beginning them tighten the tension, if it's at the end as the bait is hitting the water then tighten the brakes.
  10. Todd S.

    Opening Day Weather

    We went to Mille lacs but never put the boat in, too windy for our taste. Wish I could give you a much better report......
  11. Todd S.

    Opener lure line-up

    WI opener I'll start with: jerkbait jig n craw craw tube maybe a red eye shad if there's any weed growth in the flats
  12. Todd S.

    Senkos - t vs w

    I too dislike throwing them, but concede that they do catch fish......when I do I throw wacky rig, on 8lb flouro with spinning, yum and yamamotos would be the two brands I fish.
  13. Todd S.

    Plastic Lizards

    Spring t-rig for sure......post spawn summer patterns not so much, but if I have 5 rods on the deck in May you can bet 1 will be a t-rig thin lizzy.......
  14. Todd S.

    Wisconsin Opener

    Yes I do, tons of lakes from Hudson to Grantsburg, prolly 90% are good bass lakes. Just stay away from smaller shallower lakes as they had a pretty bad freeze two winters ago. 10 day forecast is favoring a warming trend, could even be a shorts and flip flop kind a day.....or sleeting and windy since I'm going.....
  15. Todd S.

    Spinnerbait Brands

    Craig-Brett at Northstar does.......