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  1. Bumping this thread. Anyone have any shed hunting luck yet this season??
  2. It's that time of year again! Anyone seeing one antlered deer or pick up any sheds yet?? Good luck out there!
  3. They gotta fall somewhere Bro!! Hey, whatever happened with that Excelsior Buck?????????
  4. Biggest mistake hunters make is they think they're safe around these old wise does just because they don't have a big rack on their head. We need to remember that the does dont wear an age tag on their chest. Some could be 4,5, 6 years old and smarter than the big bucks
  5. Very COOL!! I would imagine that a lot of hunters come across sheds from the year before and prior. WHen i was younger there was a swamp we would drive out and it seemed every year somebody would walk out with a shed. Only makes me wonder how many were there in feb/march. I still think I need to check out that area some winter.
  6. He'll be flying Santa's sleigh in no time!!
  7. Nice SHeds guys! Does anyone else get creeped out by the homepage photo of the guy with the perch?
  8. I agree with bob on this. If they do it for a living then I'd say they are a professional. NOW, professional doesn't mean they know what they're doing,,it just means that they earn their income by doing it. Hunting shows do nothing for me really. They rarely teach us something that we don't already know. Most people watch them just to see the big animals and the kill shots....nothing more. I'd rather watcha reality show..
  9. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!~ And come to think of it,, I do see a lot of deadheads posted by water. Anyone have a decent answer to why that is?
  10. WOw! Congrats! That first ATL in the snow tines down is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Big Dave, Eye guy. Although I agree with you to an extent, there are reasons why punishments fit the crimes. Compare it to this. You steal a candybar from the store and you get a slap on the wrist. You steal a truck after you walk out of the store and you go to jail for a while. Stealing is stealing, just different levels. If you poach a bunny out of season should you get the same punishment as you would by corking a 180" Whitetail? I happen to like the fact that they are looking at harsher punishments for the bucks. I'm sure many does are poached but I'd bet those are eaten (not that I'm okay with that) compared to a poacher taking a 6 year old giant buck and cutting off the rack or leaving the rest go to waste with the only intent being the bone on top of his head.
  12. I like it,,, Bump it down to 120 inches and you'll get a little more thought before the shot.
  13. pigs. I think you do have to take the whole animal if you get a tag for it.. I dont think they would hand over the saw after writing the permit.
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