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  1. I have a Mercury/ Mariner power trim 3 ram unit with new motor and pump that I used on my 1991 Mariner 100 hp. I know it fits several other year models and HPs
  2. After installing a after market trim motor on my 1991 100 HP Mariner their were 2 wires from the old system that weren't needed for the new motor. Problem is my tach doesn't work now. The 2 wires are from the voltage regulator that connected up to the old trim motor relays. Does anyone know where these get connected?
  3. Cross

    Tilt/Trim leak?

    I have the Three ram system with side fill port on my 100hp mariner. Took motor assembly out to fix it and when I put it back in and ran the trim a seal/o-ring blew on me and started leaking fluid. ? is was there something I should of done after I put the motor/pump assembly back in.