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  1. Open to everyone? If so you can count me in for the waconia one for sure......and will have to check the schedule for the big marine...but for sure Waconia!
  2. I have recently been thinking about shooting in an indoor league or at 3D shoots but have no idea where to begin looking or even trying to find places. I am just curious to see where people shoot or what leagues you guys are in, as I am looking for one to join and new to the whole target shooting, and any input would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. Hey, if you are going to cabelas, or are looking at the muzzys at cabelas......make sure that you check out the CVAs, more importantly the CVA optima pro! 29" barrel....one of the longest on the market........EXTREMELY accurate. You can get the blue/black optima pro for $240 without scope, easy to clean and EASY to use. Well at least thats my 2 cents worth.
  4. Hey everyone, i am not big in to pheasant hunting have done it a couple times. Mostly a bow hunter, but i am curious to see where you would suggest going to over thanksgiving week. I am only going to hunt a couple of days and i was curious to see if anyone new of a public land around the maple grove area that was pretty decent or within 30 miles? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated as i dont know what to look for in public lands or even begin to look for in a public land that will hold pheasants. Thanks
  5. Another drop-away rest that you may want to look at is the RipCord. It also offers total containment. You can lock the rest in an upright position at any time you want and still have total containment. And as soon as you release you cant hear anything except for the arrow splicing through the air.......or you can draw back to have the rest go up into position.......just another option.!!!!
  6. They are the vanes that are recommended for the whisker biscuit. They typically run about 1.5"-2" in length.
  7. I currently own that exact same bow that you do, same poundage and everything. I recently just changed arrows too. I just changed to the Gold Tip Pro Hunter Arrows-5575's, with blazer vanes, shot through the Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot Arrow rest, and the Cabelas EZ adjust release. I love my setup. I believe that you can find these for cheap on the internet. I would think that you can save some money by putting your own vanes on the arrow, that way you could buy the bare shafts, and glue on the vane of your choice. My 2cents, would be if you are going to shoot the whisker biscuit, i would suggest the blazer vanes, I love them. Depending on the money that you want to spend you could chose the XT shafts over the Pro shafts(if you chose Gold Tips), or the original whisker biscuit over the quickshot whisker biscuit. I hope that your search for your new change goes well! Good Luck ~IcE
  8. Hey guys, i see you are talking about some nice fish there.......i have never fished for panfish until this past weekend. And WOW......i found a spot where there were red lake sized crappies...and an abundance of them. I went the red lake last year and thought i would never see another crappie like that unless i went back. Boy was i wrong, I even had the biggest crappie on of my life!!!! Easily over 15", and i had it in my hands but not a good enough grip and it slipped out and snapped my line. I really wish i had pictures for you guys but i rained every single day and i didnt want to ruin a perfectly good digital camera and a little upset now. I know. Only about 25 miles away from Ames too(i got to school at ISU). I will be fishing this again next season, as to believe those were spawning crappies and MONSTER crappies at that!!!! Hugo(the crappie that got away, and the name i gave him for his size) got lucky this time, but next year he is MINE!!!! Good luck to you all fishing, and if you guys ever make it to Ames or the area, let me know and i may give you a hint as to where i went!
  9. I have no idea what that mushroom is, granted I am new to morel hunting. But i went out today for about 2 hours and got a pound and a half. I think that i am hooked on morel hunting now!
  10. What do most people consider a trophy striped bass? I recently went fishing here in Iowa, as I am from MN and caught some of these. They are so much fun to catch. I just wanted to know a little more about them. Do many of them get over 5 pounds? I only caught 3 and 2 of them were like 3/4 of a pound and the other was 6 pounds 14 ounces. Should I have thought about mounting that? I know absolutly nothing about these creatures.
  11. OK everyone, i have recent bought some new arrows Easton Epics, from my original radial weaves that came with the bow, so i can shoot a few more arrows before each trip to the target But, the epics i noticed have a little loft at 20 yards when the radial weaves had a flat trajectory. When i asked about this loft issue, where i bought them, the guy confused me. What exactly does the gpi tell you? Is it the weight, or is it how tightly it is weaved to reduce flex? I first thought that the less gpi the less it weighed, but am not sure. My radial weaves were 8.6 gpi and the epics are 8.7. I am in the process in trying to find out which arrows i want to get, and was confused the other day. I know that i dont want to go with the epics, dont get me wrong they are great arrows but with my set-up I just dont like it. If i had a 70# bow instead of my 60#, i would not have this delema, i dont think. I am trying to decide between getting the carbon express maximas or the gold-tip hunters. My girlfriend said she would get me some but i have to decide which ones. Can anyone please help me with my delema?
  12. Hey all, I am new to fishing for catfish, have caught a few before but never really meant to catch them. But anyways, I am going to be going this friday and was curious to see how you would go about rigging up for cut live bait? I have my circle hooks attached to 30# mono, and that is attached to my braided line. But, i am having trouble trying to figure out how you guys hook up the sinker? Where shall I place it, should i make it a slip sinker, or what? I have no clue.....PLEASE help. Thanks
  13. Hey everyone, I am just getting started on archery hunting. Bought myself a bow 4 days ago, to which i have never shot a compound bow before that in my life. I have been shooting everyday since for about an hour, and I have noticed right from the start how loud and how much vibration comes from the release every time. I know that will need to change before hunting season so I am curious to see what people have to say about silencing your bow. I personally have the stabilizer that came with the bow (PSE Fire Flite 33 CF)and that is it. Any hints on silencing? also......any hints on replacing fletching? instead of buying new arrows?
  14. Hi all, I am doing a project for one of my classes about the MN DNR (cuz i thought every other topic was boring, and why not teach people about this one!)and concentrating on Fish and Game aspects of it. I need some views from different people on what they have to say about the DNR. I am basically curious to see why you think about the DNR, the conservation efforts to protect fisheries, etc. Basically anything, and I plan on using some of these views in my project, so let me know if you don't want your view to be heard. Thank You all for the help!!!! Here are a few things i am curious about.....to be more specific (thanks for pointing that it was too broad out, i think i narrowed it down) 1. What do you think that it would be like without slot limits/selective harvest? 2. What would our world of fishing be like without anyone enforcing the rules? 3. Stories about poachers, etc. that you have heard. 4. Anything else you would like to say about the DNR.....good or bad
  15. Heres a story for ya!........The day vefore yesterday i was fishing on a lake in Lakeville with my cousin. We had a couple tip-ups out and were fishing in the house for the tenny-tinny blugills and what not to pass the time between flags. I was using my frabill panfish popper and the genz worm on it with 2 pound test. I could see right to the bottom of the lake which was 9 feet deep. Was jiggin for a while watching all the bluegills under, by my bait when all of a sudden they parted and here comes this decent sized bass right to my bait, whithout hesitation *WHACK* and i set the hook. Then i realized i had 2# test and was like GREAT! The drag peeled off that thing like a bad habit, and i thought for sure i was going to run out. Time and time again i got the thing to the bottom of the hole and then it would take off again. Before i knew it five minutes had passed just trying to get the thing tired out and finally i saw it below the ice and reached down to grab the thing. ABOUT TIME, i pulled it up and measured it to find out it was about 17" right around a 3 pounder. That was the most fun fight i have ever had, and it came on my smallest rod i own. I found myself wanting it to happen again later then day, but it never happened. Although i did see a northern come check my tinny bait out (heart started to pump when that happened too) but never got him to bit cuz i had a small bluegill on:(
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