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  1. Sire: 4x GMPR HRCH Cashmans Touch ‘Em All Kirby Nemitz MH QAA. Kirby is 65 lbs, dark yellow with nice highlights through his shoulders and underbelly. Kirby has had success in all the games. He is a hard worker in training and definitely shows up to compete on test/trial/hunting day. In the pointing lab world his pedigree doesn't get any better. Kirby has had success in AKC hunt tests, UKC hunt tests, and APLA hunt tests. Going 5 for 5 to get his master title; 7/9 for his HRCH; and 9/11 for his 4xGMPR. Kirby also runs qualifyings in AKC Field Trials and has a win two 3rd place finishes, a fourth, and two JAMs. Kirby has the looks, personality, train-ability, and the talent to be a top producing stud for AKC, APLA, and UKC hunt tests, and great hunting dogs. He is a dog that will pick up multiple limits of ducks and geese in the morning then a few limits of pheasants in the afternoon. GMPR (APLA title) = Grand Master Pointing Retriever HRCH (UKC Title) = Hunting Retriever Champion MH (AKC Title) = Master Hunter QAA (AKC FIELD TRIAL) = Qualified All Age Dam: Minnie is 55 lbs, very similar in markings to Kirby. She is primarily used as an upland dog with greatest experience being with South Dakota pheasants as well as the ruffed grouse woods of Minnesota. Her pedigree includes 2 4xGMPRs and several other GMPR. She is a very high energy, very trainable dog that is eager to please. Her favorite things are chasing birds and retrieving. Currently we have 1 male and 2 females left. Puppies are family raised and socialized to people of all ages, vet checked. have health guarantee, first vaccinations, dew claws removed, are EIC, PRA, and CNM clear by parentage. Puppies are ready now for their forever home. They have been exposed to and retrieving wings, will come with full registration, and first bag of food. Call 218-689-1683 or email [email protected]
  2. I have had my XL BGE for a year now. I will never have anything else. I was not convinced that I could justify the cost, so I waited an extra year to buy it. Once I did, I wondered why I waited so long. I love the flavor. Maintaining the temp isn't as tough as one might think. The ceramic really helps retain the heat and reduce variances. I bought a wireless thermometer from one of the on line shopping sites. It allows me to do whatever I want around the house while I am cooking. It measures up to 300 feet away. But, that being said, I have reached a comfort level with it that I can set it and walk away for several hours at a time. The last turkey and last couple batches of ribs I cooked, I left for several hours. When I came back, it had maybe changed 5-10 degrees. I know there are a lot of guys that like the pellets, but I don't know anyone with a BGE that is sorry they bought it.
  3. My issue with Frazier and his demeanor is that football is very much an emotional game. If it wasn't, you would play the game on paper, not on the field. Whether it was AP ripping off an 80 yard run, or the affor mentioned Fred Evans jumping offsides for the 3rd time in as many plays, you never saw any emotion out of him. If the coach is that flat, the emotion in the locker room can't be far behind. Frazier looked like he was ready for a nap and could care less what was going on more often than not.
  4. The one comment that I read today that I liked the most about Zimmer was that he is a tell it like it is, no B.S. guy that has a lot of connections in the football world and would have no trouble bringing in a top flight offensive mind. He is also a guy that shows some emotion. One guy actually referred to him as the "anti-Frazier". That alone makes this an attractive hire. Leslie seemed like a very likeable guy, but most games, I was wondering how long it was going to be until the medical staff checked him for a pulse. I have never seen a more disinterested looking coach in all the football I have ever watched.
  5. I run mine with the black background, all the time. Whether inside or out, that seems to provide the best definition for me. I also always leave the screen protector on, maybe that's why the black works for me. When I am outside, I also wear polarized glasses. I am actually looking at doing away with the arm on mine and buying a vexilar style float. I fished out of a couple of resort houses last year where it is a pain trying to get that short arm over the hole. Did you set it on a specific depth or the dynamic function? It seems to take longer to acquire on automatic/dynamic. The solid depth seems to be faster. I had a LX-6, didn't like it. I like the LX-7 better, even if it is bulkier.
  6. My wife and 3 yr old daughter on her first ice fishing trip.
  7. Hey Ted-gotta ask-was OJ innocent too? Will agree he is one of the greatest linebackers ever but he defines the privelaged thug mentality of the pro athlete. Goes back to being able to get away with whatever you want as long as you can buy a good enough lawyer.
  8. Nope-didn't call him narrow-said I hope to get a chance to score him tomorrow
  9. Boar-Curt isn't his brother-Dave is. And that isn't dave, that is the youngest brother-Danni. I hope to have my hands on it this weekend. There are a few people on around the area asking for a score, so I hope to do that tomorrow. I am guessing high 140s. It is 18" inside. Beautiful deer.
  10. I have seen the interference issues with the older ones first hand, especially in 30+ feet of water on lake of the woods. Johnny sold me an LX6 on Saturday, held the transducer together with a FL8 and there wasn't any feedback. Hopefully that will hold true when I am on the water as well.
  11. All I can say is "wow"...incredible deer. Congratulations guys! Definitely makes me jealous.
  12. Well...I will be the first to take a stab at this one for you. As far as the boots go-IMHO-Lacrosse is the best way to go. I have a pair of 1500 gram knee boots. Have worn them for 4 seasons now. Love them. Good fit, real positive clasp on the back to lock them up, cost is right around $130. Very good boot. The bow on the other hand, that is a very loaded question. To me, even though Mathews is a very nice bow, you don't need a Mathews to shoot deer consistently. Too much is made of speed and a short overall length. I am still shooting a bow that I bought a number of years ago. There are many other companies that make a great bow for about 1/2 the price of the Mathews. PSE, Bear, and Diamond are just a few of the companies. My biggest recommendation is to go to a shop that you can actually shoot the bows and pick based on what feels best to you. If you go to a reputable shop, the salesperson shouldn't be all about just selling you the most expensive bow on the shelf. You don't need a bow that is 32" long that shoots at 350 fps to kill deer. One that is a little longer and slower will be a lot more forgiving, especially for someone that is just picking up the sport. The more positive your initial experience, the more likely you are to keep on. Good luck, soon you will be addicted like the rest of us!
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