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  1. I used a six gallon bucket. I ground the lips off around where the handle attached to the bucket. That left a small lip on the very top of the bucket that now seats on the floor of my converted camper. Fits perfect. Ithink they alos make a 7 gallon bucket that is even deeper. Good luck.
  2. Good work..Really look'n nice..You still under 2500# ?????
  3. lol..Yeah the Zack shack weights are just a little heavier than listed. Imagine that...The 6x10 is around a 1000# or a little more..Thats the one I wanted but got a smoking dealon a used 6x12..i was told that it weighed 1400#.. got it home had it weighed. 1830#..Oh well, such is life. I'll still enjoy the heck out of it.
  4. Thanks guys..Yep the Zack shack floats but i dont and niether does my wheeler. I'd just rather stay on the dry side of the ice. At any rate thanks again for the input..Ohh, lipripper...Hows ur project coming??
  5. I bought a 6x12 Zack shack..Turns out the thing weighs more than I expected (1830#)..By the time I get my gear loaded I'm sure it will be pushing 1900#. So my question...What is a safe thickness of good ice to support my new shack and my 600# ATV and my 200# Fat butt. I was leaning towards roughly 8 inches..Please tell me your thoughts and expierence..Thanks a bunch Jason
  6. Well..Is it done..Whats she look like and whats total weight.Good work too.
  7. Hmmm.Glad this got started I was wondering the same thing..thx
  8. What size is it..I bet you wont have any troubles tipping the scale to at least 2500#..Look'n good. Keep the progress pics coming.
  9. Looks good lip ripper..Keep the progress pics coming..
  10. Hmmm. I heard aboout this being a common problem with Ice Castle. Thats why I'm going to go with the Zack Shack..Hope Ice Castle takes care of you and makes it right.
  11. Thx guys..I appreciate your replys. I found a good used 6'x12' only 2 yrs old but have to travel 900 miles to get a good look at it so any input is good for me..
  12. Hey fellas. I'm seriously looking at gett'n a 6'x12' zack shack drop down fish house. I've done all the research i can do. Now I need some honest reviews from you guys. So please if anyone owns one or knows anything about em pros and cons, I'll take all the input i can get.Thhx a bunch.. Jason
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