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  1. birchbranch

    Civility among ice fishermen

    There are knuckleheads everywhere........ So happy I live up north where that can be kept to a minimum.
  2. birchbranch

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    I was agreeing with your earlier post Lucas which stated that the lake trout limit is one per day, two in possession with a full license. Xplorer thought it was two per day. By the way, how has crappie fishing been in your area?
  3. birchbranch

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    Check again. I fish a lot of the same waters. Stayed at Brown's North outpost cabin many times. Fished Lower Manitou, Pipestone, etc. Good to be informed before you post.
  4. birchbranch

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    Actually you might want to check. I believe in Ontario you are allowed 1 per day, 2 in possession with a full license. Otherwise your possession limit and daily limit are the same with a conservation license which would be 1.
  5. birchbranch

    Favorite brand of coffee

    With Caribou coffee, the flavors described are merely descriptions of the natural flavor of the beans. It's not flavored coffee, not even close. I am with Mr. Klean. Big Caribou fan,,, when I can afford it. Otherwise, Hills Brothers dark roast beans have to suffice. As long as I can grind for every pot it's all good.
  6. birchbranch


    How long are we going to to trot Worley and Pelphrey out there? Reminds me of Blackburn. Can't win when the starters get their a$$e$ kicked on a regular basis. Oh, and clutch hitting would be nice, on the off chance we are close. I am and have been (for about 40 years) an avid Twins fan. Just feeling frustrated.
  7. birchbranch

    2012-2013 Gophers

    It seems like the blown leads coincide with too many subs coming in at the same time.
  8. birchbranch

    Cooking with a "Screaming" Mr. Heater Cooker

    I have had mine since 1995 and never had a problem,, except for excessive carbon-monoxide. I only use mine in a portable, and even then I'm very careful. Maybe you got a bad one. Buddy heaters are certainly safer.
  9. birchbranch

    2012-2013 Gophers

    I agree about Moe. He is very slow, cannot jump, and rebounding is a challenge unless it falls in his hands. I think Eliason will hurt them in Big Ten play unless his minutes are limited. He plays hard, but it appears to be a struggle for him. No question Mbakwe should be starting. Otto O. doesn't appear to bring much to the table for Minnesota. The Gophers should be tough if guard play is solid. Rodney Williams was a pleasure to watch this evening. NDSU has a decent team. They sure played hard....
  10. birchbranch

    hard side or soft side tackle box?

    I received an Explorer Adventure Pack as a gift many years ago and it was outstanding! (softside) When it finally wore out I purchased a Cabelas softside tackle box for around $80 and I have been very dissapointed. Due to the poor design, water builds up quickly in the bottom and the bottom plastic tray gets wet. (inside) None of those plastic trays that I have seen can withstand water if it gets around the hinge area. So, I am not sold on Cabelas, but based on the first softside I had,, I still prefer a softside tackle box. I suppose the obvious choice is to make sure the tackle box is always out of the weather unless you are fishing, so in my case, operator error might apply. However, the only time my tackle box was exposed to the weather when I wasn't fishing was on trips, as my boat resides in the garage at home.
  11. birchbranch

    Matt Capps

    This guy really needs to go! He's certainly no closer with his inability to strike people out,, not to mention his knack for blowing games. Liriano seems to be effective for one or two innings and can strike people out. Perhaps they should try him in this spot. I wasn't a fan of Capps from the start, especially since we lost Wilson Ramos in that trade. Anyone else have thoughts about our "closer"?
  12. birchbranch

    Double drop shot rig

    Is there anybody out there that finds this concerning? With all the fishing pressure and increased knowledge of fishing,,, now we are going to potentially allow multiple fish to be caught on one line, while at the same time we are decreasing limits to protect our fisheries,,,,, or is it simply about making it more "fun" for people? I personally find this appalling.
  13. birchbranch

    Opener Moved Up

    Bass are basically overexcitable carp, therefore a rough fish, so I say open them up all year. Nobody wants to eat them anyhow, so it's primarily catch and release. By the way,,,, WHY do we even have DNR fisheries biologists if we are going to allow half-wit politicians to make decisions in regards to our natural resources?????
  14. birchbranch

    South Dakota vs Minnesota for Walleyes

    I think you are missing the point when it comes to people choosing to fish in Ontario. The fishing is excellent, but perhaps even more alluring is the unbeatable scenery and solitude. You don't have to spend much more to fish in Ontario than in Minnesota unless you want fly-ins. My experiences in Ontario aren't any more "purchased" than my experiences in Minnesota. By the way, I love fishing in Minnesota and spend a lot of time doing so. I have never fished South Dakota, but it sounds like it would be an enjoyable visit.
  15. birchbranch

    Invasive Species Decal

    Harvey: I think that most people know they need to drain their livewells, pull the drain plug on the boat, and check for weeds on their trailers. A sticker means absolutely nothing!! Either you do what you know needs to be done when leaving a lake, or you don't. This is complete bullsmit! I don't need to be treated like a 3rd grader by our government,,, who by the way, hasn't dealt with the core of this problem. So, why don't we all take the classic American knee-jerk response to an issue,,, without really addressing anything of consequence.