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  1. Coach doesn't throw the ball. Johnson does. Are u sure it ain't Johnson trying to make a play which is wrong. He has not too much time to look at other option. Bring back Tark. or Kreamer
  2. Maybe we need to bring back Carter or Rashad.
  3. I'm out of state, How many drops today?
  4. Have u seen anything that says vote for come back player. Not a thing. players or sportswriters do it.
  5. Fat boy must think the suxs wasn't a flop. u still living in the past. We (the Twins) were dead in the water and came to win the divison. It must really bother u to keep bring up how u won last year. You're team (the sucks) really suck.
  6. sound like a bunch of band wagon jumpers. They were picked by most to finish 4th. Then were 12 games down. Whipped up a nice second half the that the divison. How do u expect them to keep up that pace. Maybe u guys should go with wind bag and root 4 the suxs.
  7. I don't think the fans have a vote. Ain't it the players or sportwriters who vote.
  8. Panther are pick by most to win it all. And Both teams Washington and the pathers were missing only 1 of thier top offenceive players.
  9. Company trip, I'd go to Zipple Bay. They got these new Cabins with Jacuzzes wide screen TV. Nice log cabins. Check it out. I think you're buddies at work will lke the trip. and I'd go 1st week in Jan.
  10. I think the twins r going 4 another 10 game wining streak. That mean sweep the tigers. That would be great. Go Twins
  11. Windy, put that on you're board.
  12. Ya but it's a start. I was in Chicago last nite and Ed Farmer say soxs sweep twins and then twins sweep tigers. Well windy, tell Farmer wrong again. Twins also had runners on 2nd and 3rd no outs. the jerk Farmer says squeese bunt. Why squeese bunt with runners in a score range with just a single. Punto missed but Maeur finnished off the soxs. Put that on the board
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