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  1. Judging by the weather through Southern/middle Saskatchewan and Manitoba yesterday, I can't imagine ND is anything but choking full of birds right now.
  2. While that is an impressive chart at first glance, it could very easily be an incomplete, and possibly misleading picture by selecting the (18) lakes that exemplify the desired relationship. Not saying that IS the case, but it COULD be. Probably, though, the (18) lakes were selected as a good representative of the whole, i.e. without bias toward any preferred conclusion.
  3. ozzie, I don't think anyone questions your intelligence based on your stance but rather on the content of your posts. For example: " Ultimately no one knows how a system will react with intruducing musky into it! " but yet you say: " The pretentious regulations that have been placed on this fish are rediculous n the need to f up lakes by putting them in is absurd!!! " If "no one knows how a system will react" then why do you say "the need to f up lakes by putting them in is absurd" ? It's obvious you're very anti-musky, so to say you are not also hurts your credibility. You
  4. Some locals might want the extra traffic, many, of course, would not. Personally I would be neutral about muskies being added on a local favorite of mine IF I didn't fish muskies, but since I do, I'd love a new local muskie lake. Obviously things like this are perceived many different ways; appreciated by some and detested by others. Luckily that's not all that matters. But it's really silly when people go berserk about it, make up a bunch of horror stories, etc.
  5. I have favorite times for different species. As far as fishing goes, the year progresses thus: January - trout through the ice Feb - trout, or panfish just to pass time March - panfish, chores April - chores, panfish May - walleyes June - everything, but muskies start to take hold July - chores, recreational boating, muskies August - muskies September - muskies October - muskies, walleyes November - (deer) December - walleyes
  6. First of two on opener, 44.5". The next one was 10" shorter...
  7. Haven't been out by GR but I was further north (BWCA) this weekend and found big crappies one morning. They were in the warmest water available (shallow, narrow bay with river inlet) near a beaver lodge that offered more cover and "deep" water adjacent to the lodge than other woody spots. By deep I mean 4 - 6 ft. Other lodges that were surrounded by shallow flats had zero crappies. Didn't have a thermometer but I bet that dark, sheltered bay was dang near 65 degrees. Rest of the lake was probably closer to 60. Just an educated guess. This weekend could be about the perfect time to find cr
  8. I think the missing puzzle piece Saturday was timing - HAVE to fish to/through sunset. Went out again and kind of redeemed myself. Fished from 6 to 9 pm with wife and kids, but the bite was only 8:30 to 8:50 (sunset to about 20 minutes after). I couldn't find a fish (other than bass and pike) or buy a bite before that time. Found the fish when they started surfacing near a shallow point that I had fished earlier and to which I was returning to fish again. they were feeding in 3 - 6 feet of water, near surface. Best presentation was a 1/64th oz hair jig tipped with a small crappie minnow
  9. Took the boat out for its first 2016 crappie search - NOTHING! Fished from 2:30 to 7:15 (didn't stay til sunset) with my 4 and 2 year old kids. Small lake, ~ 100 acres, max depth 25 ft, semi-dark water. Main lake water temp was 49 degrees but I found one influent creek that brought 54 degree water to a shallow flat, one sheltered northern bay with nice crappie-attracting features, 52 degree water, and one small sheltered bay with 55 degree water and fishy-looking features. No fish in any of those spots. Used the sonar, down, and side imaging around the basin and the breaks near those warm wate
  10. Thanks for sharing. The better audience for this, though, is probably viewing the Walleye forum.
  11. Not normal. Although I agree that on lakes with lots of sunnies and for fishermen who know what they're doing, sunnies can be caught in almost all conditions and most times on most days, those first two qualifiers are significant enough to rule out "normal on smaller lakes." To my disappointment, the lake on which I live has just a modest population of mostly small sunfish. It's weird. Most days you can't find any of them, and when you finally do find them, they're mostly small. I know of a lot of lakes like this. There's another small lake that I fish a few times per year that puzzl
  12. Northern MN I got out for the sunset hour on a tiny backwoods lake in my scrappy row boat with vexilar and trolling motor. It gets 40' deep but I didn't mark anything in the deep water or up the breaks toward shore. Tried pitching to emerging lily stalks and wood in really shallow along the shores, nothing. Found some fish between 6 - 12 ft. Caught 5 or 6 crappies, pretty small, and a bluegill in that depth range. May have done better with live bait but all I brought were jigs and plastics. Had to use the tiniest jigs (they wouldn't eat 1/16 or 1/32 oz), which made it tough to cast a
  13. As a center in high school football I will say that soft hands are something that quarterbacks should strive for - they're not just for hockey players and wide receivers. I wasn't actually a center but considering RH (who's that?) games must have an HSO'er for a QB, it's no wonder you can't keep a center on the payroll. In all seriousness this corner of the page is just the niche for y'all's senses of humor. And I like reading about lambing... gotta help a foal pop out this spring, first time ever, so I'm soon to be a real farmer.
  14. Good afternoon. Just popping in to say that this little sect of HSO is pretty dang entertaining. I have lurked around in Sillytown a bit on slow days, just for the occasional nugget of entertainment, funny political rants, or exciting escalating literary squabbles, but it's more annoying than anything most of the time. Not sure why but I like short little, witty, meaningless posts. Didn't know the Cooking forum was the mindless banter mecca!
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