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  1. Cute Rick, Not much going with the rain that came through, the fishing got pretty tough and the "real job" took over. Leaving tomorrow for Isle Royale, motoring up the North Shore and spending 10 days on the water fishing our way around the island. Pics and a full report will follow!
  2. Feathers Rainin, We do most of our fishing on the Wisconsin side. On occassion when fishing for fun we will run over to Minnesota.
  3. Well after being down for nearly two weeks with some boat upgrades we got back out on the lake with some clients over the weekend. May 19th & 20th report: Saturday turned out to be a fantastic day on the lake minus the hordes of flies, left the charter dock at 6am and set up right on the line in 50 FOW. Right as the final rod was set we were greeted by a treat when a 13lb king on 4 colors of lead warmed up our drags. The Robbins group managed to pull in 17 of the 20 fish on for the day with 6 lakers, 6 cohos, 3 kings and 2 browns. We worked mostly 55-70 FOW far away from the mud and had hits mostly on boardlines, but leadcore and riggers threw a couple more in the box. 52-53 degrees was the ticket. Pink was our primary producer, but spoons have started to contribute too. All of our fish were stuffed full of fly matter. Sunday wasn't as promising, our severe storms that rolled through overnight shut the fish down. Everything that worked on Saturday was thrown out the window and we focused a bit more on the deeper fish. We managed to go 6 for 9, with 3 coho, 1 king and two lakers. Riggers and Dipseys were the only producers and the colors changed significantly. Our best running temps turned out to be 48-49 degrees.
  4. Great post and nice pics Garret, thanks for sharing!
  5. April 29th report: Spent some time on the water yesterday, went 5 for 5 with a seagull mixed in for good measure. Tried to dodge into the mud before he made the commitment to pick up a rapala however he decided to take one last dive at it. Sorry to say there is one less gull cruising the skies off the Superior entry. Spent most of our time off of the mud line working the transistional water. Only had one fish take a stickbait with the rest coming on DT 10's in firetiger, one on clown and a tasty little brown hitting the swine flu long run off a rigger 15 feet down. Worked mostly in 45-55 FOW running 3.1-3.3 and that is where all of our success was had. Water temps ranged from 41-44 and were commonly 40.5-41.5 degrees ten feet down.
  6. April 23rd Report After a cancelled trip on Sunday due to snow, I made a run after the day job today to see what the mudline had to offer. We set up about 6pm in 60 FOW outside of the mud in the semi clear water running a full array of flat lines and dipsey offerings. We found water temps at the surface of 44 degrees and 42 degrees just 10 feet down on the propwash rigger. Lake Superior gave up a quick trifecta of coho's complete with a decent brown and a laker full of spit and vinegar. Everything came on the surface with pink being dominant and wonderbread and cheap sunglasses each putting a fish in the box. In an hour and a half we were happy with our catch and called it a day with fish to put in the frying pan. Best advice, watch your graph, stay away from the hordes of fish filling the water column, better yet, stay away from the rest of the boats fighting each other for the same mudline. The belleys were full on all of our fish, most of them spit up smelt on the deck. Run those baits fast to spark interest!
  7. Great shot Sturg, that could have certainly been the case. Birds are weird this year. Seeing pairs, single Toms, double strutting Toms and mixed packs of 12+ birds between yesterday and today it's been just baffling. Today they were super vocal, yesterday they were shut down.
  8. You guys are absolutely right, sorry was deprived of sleep while typing that earlier and not all of that seasoned of a turkey slayer hence me bringing my friend to call. My mistake, not a putt, but a cluck and purr.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, we set up a little different today and wouldn't you know it, they were talking like crazy this morning, blew the own call and we had three different birds respond. However, they were well on the other side of the road, and we could not convice them into making their way our way. So we crossed the road, worked behind them and reset. We sat and listened as they continued to Gobble, however the moment we putted they shut down. We slowed our call and sat hoping they were running down the pines at us. 30 minutes later still nothing, walked out and on our trip out we found a handful of shells and wads and judging by the boot tracks they were within the past couple days. Explained why they wouldn't work to the South side of the stand of pines.
  10. Spent a very frustrating day today chasing tracks, seeing birds, re-setting etc.. and not hearing a peep. Had a good friend of mine calling, an amazing caller but for the life of us we could not get a bird going. We found strut marks left and right, a brawl zone fresh from this morning and even saw a few mature Toms but couldn't get them to go. What would keep them from being vocal today?
  11. To benefit the Leech Lake Habitat Fund we will be holding our first ever and soon to be annual Amateur and Professional Rib Competition at Trappers Landing Lodge on Saturday June 16th. Hormel has blessed us with donating the ribs for each Amateur team (Pro's are on their own) There is alot more to the weekend, but I wanted to share the opportunity for some of our own to sign up before it's put out there for the masses. Complete rules and registration form can be found online at http://www.trapperslandinglodge.com/rackreel/ Spots are limited to 8 ams and 8 pros so don't hesitate!
  12. Yeah Labs, she is all infra red up top heating down so they don't gum up. Has 8 individual burners with each one having variable controls so you can adjust as the days goes on. Then when she's done just drop the spit in the box and start carving!
  13. Labs, the walls come off for show. Once the pig is close to done I just pop the sides off as it finishes up for the visual effect. She'll hold smoke.
  14. Looking for thoughts on this item, not sure if any of you have had experience with one of these units but I am looking to purchase one to add to my Pig Roaster. Currently it is set up as a clean propane unit, but lacks the ability to get any smoke flavor set up in it. So I decided to order one and punch a hole for the mounting plate. My only concern is from what I have read is it's the best of it's kind, however it also is known to go berserk with its loading and smoking of the wood pucks. Anyone have any experience with any of these or similar units?
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