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  1. FishLocker


    I first understood the sport and changed my expectations the day my Father In Law said, "That is why they call it fishing, not catching". We then fished pretty much every weekend together for 32 years.
  2. FishLocker

    Rattle Reel rigging??

    One of the big fishing/hunting magazines did a knot strength study and found saliva was the best knot lubricant. Was a few years ago, and I do not remember the issue. There is a site that has a number of knots, and when you click one and view the diagram, scroll down and you can watch an animated video of the knot being tied. They also include in the basic instructions to use saliva or water to lube the knot. http://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/
  3. FishLocker

    propane this winter

    Yikes, and I was just talking to a guy about buying a propane only powered truck. 2 months ago it was 2.49/gallon with DOT tax, I hate to even call now!!!
  4. FishLocker

    cranks that work well with a steel leader non rapala

    Matzuo makes the Triple Threat. I have found it runs well with leaders, but have not used those with large swivels and snaps...only the small snaps and swivels. They have a great swimming action too. I do cut off the hackles though.
  5. Sold, thank you for looking
  6. Ya, I agree, that makes no sense that the deer are not eating the ticks. What I did find interesting was... "Japanese Barberry, an invasive non-native species, spreads rapidly and widely in the woods surrounding the properties they’ve been landscaped into, and many studies indicate that reproduction of the ticks that carry Lyme disease is facilitated by several physical conditions the shrubs produce." and, "Several colleges in Connecticut studied the link between the presence of Japanese Barberry in a given wooded area and the resulting increase in numbers of ticks that live there. This happens after birds spread the Barberry seeds into the woods, with a virile 90% germination rate of the seeds." and, "which allows ticks to reproduce in exponential numbers, creating “tick nurseries” all over the woods. Completing the picture, the white footed mouse also enjoys the humid climate under the Barberry thickets, and when the mice pass through, the tick larvae pile onto them, using the mice as a vehicle to move around, usually closer to our living spaces." I also think bloggers should cite the studies (footnote like the olden days :-) ) so we know they are not throwing alarm like the email forwards that are falsified to get peoples attention. This indeed may be one of them . But I do agree as a non-native and invasive, that the powers that be should look into it so we do not end up with a Purple Loose Strife like problem in our deer woods.
  7. Willing to barter for nothing in return. Must go. This is listed in the classifieds here. http://hsolist.com/ads/12-ice-auger-storage-pipe/ and included a photo of the free pipe, and one that I made for myself as I use it. Makes it easy to work on your motor without removing the auger, and keeps kiddies fingers away from the blades.
  8. My sister sent this article to me about how we are helping the Deer Tick propagate, and assist the spread of Lyme Disease. http://jessecology.com/2013/10/please-stop-with-the-lyme-tick-nurseries/ I hope posting a link is ok. If not, I will copy and paste the parts we all need to see later. Thank you, FishLocker
  9. FishLocker

    Canning venison

    Sorry for the long delay in answering, was busy getting to be a grandpa again. I use very little salt, maybe 1/4 tsp per QT jar. My wife would prefer less or none. She also watches my weight...someone has to! Nice to have her around!!!
  10. FishLocker

    Broadhead spacer accessory???

    Great info, thank you. so I guess they are not sharp like a broadhead since they are for shock value. Pretty cool and terrifying looking though! Thanks again for your help,
  11. FishLocker

    Canning venison

    THAT is the kind of information I was looking for. Thank you very much for your feedback. Now the next question, since I like the taste and versatility of the low salt version of what I WAS doing...will that low salt recipe take the extra heat and pressure without getting tough? Or should I look for a new recipe for this years deer? Thank you.
  12. FishLocker

    Canning venison

    Thank you for your input. I did go to the USDA site on game animals and found this "Bacteria multiply rapidly in the "Danger Zone" — temperatures between 40 and 140 °F. Cross-contamination can occur if raw meat or its juices come in contact with cooked foods or foods that will be eaten raw, such as salad. Freezing does not kill bacteria. Cooking to 160 °F kills bacteria." and also this "Can safely cooked game be pink? Cooked muscle meats can be pink even when the meat has reached a safe internal temperature. If fresh game has reached 160 °F throughout, even though it may still be pink in the center, it should be safe. The pink color can be due to the cooking method, smoking, or added ingredients such as marinades. Cook ground meats and other cuts of game meat such as chops, steaks, and roasts to 160 °F to ensure destruction of foodborne bacteria and parasites. For tenderness, tough meats should be held at 160 °F longer or even cooked to higher temperatures. This will melt the tough connective tissue (collagen) producing fork-tender meats. I could not find a place on the USDA site that warns one away from oven or recommending pressure canning of game as noted previously. I would like to read that if you happen to have a link. I have taken jars out of the oven, opened it and stuck in a meat thermometer and was at 200 degrees. I wonder if that adheres to the message they are giving here on internal temperature to be at least 160? I could not find anything on the USDA site saying 200 degrees inside a glass jar is not the same as 200 degrees on a broiler or grill. Does the glass change the rules here? I am not being obstinate here, I really do want to know if the temperature inside the jar is not relevant to killing the bacteria some of you were talking about. Just want to be safe in my own pantry, truly. I also did not want to hijack this thread, sorry.
  13. FishLocker

    Broadhead spacer accessory???

    Would love to hear from someone who has tried one on a deer too!
  14. Wondering if anyone has used or even knows what this 6 blade arrow accessory is? Would love your feedback. It is located between the broadhead and the arrow. It looks like a spacer with 6 blades radiating out from the center. I have sent an email inquiring from the seller but he has ignored my email. It is pictured in photo below on the far right arrow. Thank you for your help and feedback.
  15. FishLocker

    Canning venison

    I have switched to using the oven instead of the pressure cooker for canning venison. Turns out to make a lot less mess and is easy. I did alter the recipe as we do not use much salt, so once cut up I use about half the salt and mix it into the meat before packing into jars. Clean meat of most of the fat and as much silver skin as you can but you don’t have to get too picky. Cut into 1 inch chunks or smaller. Into the bottom of a clean mason jar add 1/2 in slice of an onion (and a half of a hot pepper if wanted). Start adding meat to the jar and pack as tight as you can use the handle end of a wooden spoon to pack and try to get rid of air pockets. Leave about 1 inch of space from the top, add another slice of onion (and another pepper) and 1 tablespoon of salt for a quart jar and 1/2 tablespoon for pint. Wipe the top of jar clean put on a new lid and ring, lightly tighten (not overly tight so steam can escape). Put jars on a cookie sheet and put into oven 200 deg. for 4 hrs. After 4 hrs lay a towel on counter top and set cookie sheet on towel to allow jars to cool and seal. After a couple hrs the jars should start to pop and seal. After totally cool check to see if the the jars sealed the ones that didn't should be put into the fridge and eaten first the others can be stored at room temp. for years. The meat can be eaten straight out of the jar on crackers or bread, warmed with bbq sauce, added to cooked onions and peppers for fajitas, added to cream of mushroom and extra mush and put over rice, noodles, or biscuits. The list goes on and on for uses and last lot longer than the freezer and it is already cooked. ENJOY