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  1. I am not going to make the trip up there without ice, but I hope you guys have a blast that do still head up there.
  2. I am planning to be there as well.
  3. That turned out looking great MJ.
  4. Thanks for posting the video, I really enjoyed it.
  5. You are correct NG, it is probably a 5" spoon hung sideways so it doesn't spin as fast.
  6. I think I got it figured out, have to use the share code instead of the embed code.....
  7. Took a couple videos my last day spearing for the year that I wanted to share. I hope you can enjoy them, I had a lot of fun it was the most action I had in the hole all season. Bowhunt 20160227_094646.mp4 20160227_103453.mp4
  8. Hey Guys, I am thinking about getting my ice saw sharpened in the off season, does anyone know if Fishtoys still sharpens saws? I thought he used to have something on his page regarding shipping them back to him to have them sharpened but I do not see it anymore. Also I remember hearing someone say they had a bad experience having someone else sharpen it, so I would prefer to send it back to Fishtoys if possible. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks, Bowhunt
  9. Well it was a cold and windy day up there today. Saw 3 or 4 little ones today but nothing worth dipping the tines in the water. Had 17 inches of ice and very little snow. Kevin can have his spot back.... Hopefully I have better luck tomorrow on a local lake. Bowhunt
  10. Called Garrison Sports tonight. They said there have been vehicles out there but didn't know how much ice. I will let you guys know how I do tomorrow. I am going to try Kevin's spot from the GTG.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have been doing a lot of looking a lakefinder and I am thinking about giving Borden up by Garrison another try. I am planning to call one of the local bait shops tonight and see how the ice and snow conditions are up that way. Any suggestions for which bait shop to contact regarding spearing up there?
  12. Have only fished it once, and tried spearing once so far. Saw nothing but a muddy bottom, not sure where to start on that lake to locate fish. I plan to give it another shot one of these weekends.
  13. Hey Guys, I am thinking about taking a day trip to go spearing to get away from the metro. Any suggestions for good spearing lakes within an hour and half of the metro give or take? I would prefer action and spearable fish over a trophy lake with low numbers. I don't want any secret spots, just a decent lake to try out. I would be helpful if the lake had enough ice to drive on. If you don't want to post anything publicly just shoot me a PM. Thanks for any help guys. Bowhunt
  14. Valentines day....come on guys your killing me.
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