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  1. I was looking at my facebook the other day and i noticed that there is a new set of pictures that a "friend" whom is a neighbor that i no longer talk to from ten years back's younger sister. I see pics labeled Baudette and i looked through the fish pics and see that they kept a sturgeon that looks to be about 40-45 inches, in the pic it is laying in the floor of the cleaning shack and they are pouring beer into its mouth, So they obviously kept it and killed it but stated that they didnt eat it just threw it away. I called the DNR tip line they seemed to not give a darn, how do i send them this set of pics off of someone elses fb?
  2. To each his own, personally i am going to start a mounts room, Dtro makes a good point you could go on a killer fishing trip for moster sturgeons out west on the Snake river or upper columbia for >750$.....
  3. blakeb

    Spot Length

    I think it depends, if it is a proven spot that you have good confidence in getting fish out of, ill sit there for a couple hours it normally pays off. If you pull up to a new spot that you have not fished or have not caught fish at, give it 15-20 minutes but fish it a little bit differently each time you try it, IE a different side little deeper, shallower, explore your spots, that is how you often times find a spot on a spot.
  4. Rest in peace Ed, You will be missed. What a true sportsman, you knowledge and generosity has helped many many people become better at there craft, thru the excellent insight you have provided. Rest assured he is in a better place. Live life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised today.
  5. blakeb


    +1 on the armor all
  6. sucks that it had to end up on a stringer....
  7. like said above go to 494 by concord and go north lots of good fishing by the st paul airport.
  8. nice fish Oly, way to represent pool 2!!
  9. Just have a quick question, i was wondering if anyone has a 4 oz or heavier sinker mold that i could borrow, I could give a cash deposit for your piece of mind. I have 150 lbs of clean soft lead that i am trying to use, and am to cheap to buy a 40 dollar mold.
  10. blakeb

    Foggy Flatty

    they were poppin on the miss, all fish were small in the 30-35 inch range.
  11. blakeb

    Blue catfish

    someone would have shown off one by now, i do believe that rogue blues must occur seeing as they are as far north as a couple hundred miles form the twin cities, tho they would be way to rare to actually catch, easier to win the powerball.
  12. yamaha tried and true, etech not so much, go to a repair center and ask any mechanic, they will let you know.
  13. I was at the state fair and looking into the MN native species pond i noticed the lack of crappies and bullheads, when i asked the DNR guy where they were his answer was that the muskies eat the bullheads almost immediately most of the time, and the flatheads are the same way on the crappie stock.
  14. i have heard that is you see baitfish the fish will be around. In all my days fishing i never "see" baitfish are you talking about at the surface, or on the fishfinder?
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