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  1. Fishalittle

    Alumalite or Ice Trek skid house

    I have not used one, but they have attracted my attention. I have a wheelhouse but think this would be a better early ice option. Surprised at how pricey they are, but aluminum must be spendy! I think your ability to pull with the snowmobile will vary with snow depth, slushy conditions etc..... Studs will probably be helpful? If you go that route, report back how it works!
  2. We use the above recipe but use 1:1:1 ratio. Works best in early spring but they visit regularly I guess. Pick locations wisely....they will dig a hole!
  3. Fishalittle

    Igloo Sportsman cooler

    I picked up the igloo glide pro 110 a month ago on sale for 99. It appears to be a good compromise between the "great rotomolded" and a budget cooler. Not a lot of trial with it yet....but first impressions are good! I would think the sportsman line would be good also...but you are closer to RTIC pricing so given the option....?????
  4. Fishalittle

    Truck Tire Recomendations

  5. Fishalittle

    Rmef "South of the River" Banquet

    I think that is a good idea trying to accommodate the early sign ups at least. Banquets are fun and we really enjoy them but prime rib is a tough meal to serve someone that isn't a fan of rare meat! These banquets used to be more male attended but that along with the hunting world seems to be changing some and that is a good thing! The only other thought I would have would be to have a 2 meat dinner with smaller portions of each such as prime rib/stuffed chicken. Glad you had a good banquet and hats off to you and the other volunteers for helping out conservation! Thank you for your commitment!
  6. Fishalittle

    Rmef "South of the River" Banquet

    That is my big complaint with these wife hates prime rib so we pay for a meal she hates. I don't see the difficulty in having a check box when you register for what your meat choice is. Then you always get an envelope with raffles and such so you have a chicken card in there and it is displayed at the table. Upon food service you get what you selected. Seems easy peasy....what am I missing? Its a fun time at the event but with kids and limited "date nights" its hard to convince the other half to go when she hates the food. Not to pick on you Nowiser as your event is to far for us but the ones in my area...ottertail and brainerd need to improve on the menu option!
  7. Fishalittle

    Anyone Heading West?

    But you don't go back to work right scout a new area or just enjoy the mountains!
  8. Fishalittle

    Anyone Heading West?

    No WY luck for me but it was a long shot. Have 2 points now for next year which should get me a general tag next year but I sure would like to save them for a bighorn unit....decisions decisions! The collecting points things seems to be really changing fast there too now.....I seem to get to the party late on these things! Been considering a New Mexico draw chance also but the group isn't interested so not sure I am in favor of a solo run at that. Have 5 points for Colorado and thinking of dropping them on a bull Muzzleloader hunt in the unit our group frequents.....not sure if they are worth saving and already a point or 2 past what is needed for that tag..... so its time to burn them or have a plan for them moving forward. Seems like there isn't much for mid grade archery or muzzleloader units in Colorado, research continues! Plus I know the hell hole the bulls can be found in at our usual place but its nasty....takes some courage to shoot a bull in there! Stayed home last year after a property purchase so would like to go this time but at the same time I could use the time off and money for some projects on the property also. Have a month to figure all that out. At least it keeps a person thinking and looking at new areas.
  9. Fishalittle


    Big buck chasing a doe hard this morning but only in the open for a little bit.....steered her right into the woods/swamp. To bad it was 200 yards from my bow stand this morning.....
  10. Fishalittle

    2015 Unguided Public Land MT Elk Hunt

    May your calling be answered and your arrow fly true! Good luck and most of all have fun!
  11. Fishalittle

    What's the plan for this fall?

    So how did those draws turn out...some results are in...others not yet? I am planning to be in Colorado OTC for archery opener and get after a few bulls early...hope its cool and not too wet! The draw there could change plans as 2 in the group are in the hybrid lottery now...low expectations but you never know! Plan on buying a Wyoming point and possibly head there next year...I heard that whole process shook up a little this year so not sure how it will be next year. It will be here fast so better start the workouts!
  12. Fishalittle

    Brand Wars...what ya got?!?!?!

    2011 Martin exile.. Lucky for me I found a good deal online and picked it up. Hadn't had much to do with bows before this but have seem to adapt well to it! Proshop helped get me going with the extras and here we are. If I had to do it over I would have shot others first but this worked out and saved some cash.
  13. It still all falls on the hunters and only shooting what your land or area can handle. Our group of 7 shot 4 bucks this year. 2 above average, 1 wall mounter and a scrub that needed to be out of the gene pool. This is private land and we chose not to take a single doe to help the herd. Last year this same group shot 1 buck....the out of state elk hunts helped with that season. We all enjoy to eat venison but also don't see the need to fill every tag! If we had the old zones likely the same amount of deer would have fallen....we can just be more selective now. the argument goes both ways but in the end we all need to many times we pull that trigger!
  14. Colorado has a powder requirement and no sabot rule. So for elk we used 120 grains of shockeys gold and a powerbelt sabot...350 grain I think...have to double ckeck that. Same powder mix for deer here but lightened up the powerbelt to 250 or 285. Seems to work pretty well on both deer and elk. Used the 777 pellets when we first started with deer but now are all set up for powder and have never went back.
  15. Fishalittle

    Fun weekend for the Engel boys!

    Awesome for all of you Scoot. Congrats to the successful hunter as well! I have been blessed with two girls but with any luck in a few years I will get the same opportunities you experienced this weekend. We are off to a good start with them coming with to the warm rifle stand at 3. In and out of season on "scouting missions." I'm thankful for all the hunting and fishing experiences we get together. Sounds like your elk camp will be full of meat carriers as you get older too!!