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  1. Just killing the smallies this morning. First three fish were 16, 14, and 14. Two weekend ago caught 5 in an hour. Smallest was 12 inches.
  2. 4 walleyes last night. Bobber and crawlers. 36 inch northern this morning. 4lb test on an ultra light. Bobber and crawler too. About a 5 minute fight. All off our dock.
  3. Are there any contests coming up on Nebagamon? What are the dates? Thanks in advance.
  4. I haven't been up in a couple of weeks, but the smallies were great. im heading up in two weeks too. I like going out a bit before sunrise and throw plastics in shallow this time of year. Starting at the lighthouse, and work north and east. Also, like going to where the lake dumps in nebag creek early with top water for nords...about an hour after sunrise. Good luck.
  5. Gonna be up again this weekend. That bullhead had some big bite marks on it. 20 minutes prior, got broke off by a big fish. Guessing there's a big nord patrolling out there. This lake has some great smallie fishing!
  6. Might have been a bullhead. Never caught one of those before either. Had some nasty whiskers. Also had some bite marks on it. It was 12-14 inches. I'm guessing a pretty good sized northern was after it.
  7. Heading up to LN for a long weekend next weekend. Would love to get into some spring crappies. Any tips on spots? PM me if you prefer.
  8. Is there still a tournament the last weekend in Feb on Nebagamon? Is the Waterfront still open?
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