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    Subsonic .22 rounds. Sound like a BB gun, pack more wallop. Aguila Ammunition's Super Colibri doesn't use gun powder, only primer. 500 fps or so with a 20 grain bullet. Very quiet, very effective. Probably not entirely legal. Good thing I don't use them.
  2. Wouldn't matter if your dekes are set 3 hours early or and hour early. It won't stop other groups from slipping in nice and cozy at 50 yds anyway. MN needs a minimum distance law before it needs to change when you're allowed to set your spread.
  3. GudeMN

    Are hot spots a tradeable commodity?

    I say keep your mouth shut. You can't beat solitude. But solitude with quality fish is a true treasure. Be happy with your slabs and seal your lips.
  4. I don't own a bag yet but my camera is on the way. My name is Brad and I used to shoot film when I was in high school and college. I'm into golf, duck hunting, fishing, and just about every other expensive hobby you can get into so I never updated the camera. I have a Nikon D40 on the way. Included will be 18-55 Kit lens 55-200 4-5.6 AF-S VR It's a a start and I plan on sharpening my skills once again. I've got plenty of "subjects" in my backyard here in Eagan. In the last year I've seen deer, turkeys, coyotes, owls, eagles, mallards, woodies, and plenty of feeder birds to keep me busy. I used to hop on here to check fishing reports. I always come to the photography page first now.
  5. GudeMN

    The red heads of the bog

    I have 5 of these guys at my feeder daily right now and I'm in Eagan. They showed up Sunday. I seem to gain 1 or 2 a day, only saw a pair on Sunday. I didn't see any last year. Definitely from out of town. Any movement sends them flying. Should have my camera by Thursday. I'll try and get some shots and try and figure out how to post. For all, this is one of my favorite forums on the site. Keep bringing the great pictures!
  6. I love how this topic comes up every year. You can't plan on weather boys. I can remember a few years back when much of the state was locked up tight before deer season. There was also a season that may have been the very next year where I never saw ice the entire season. MN should have a north/south split. Even IA has a split. The climate between far north and far south at any given time is enough to justify a split IMO. Let the far north start in Sept. and open up south of say Mille Lacs 2-3 weeks later. If you want to get really complicated, Alexandria and west should be considered the Central Flyway and have a different set of bag limits. Take what you can get and be happy. We'll be out of ducks in 20-30 yrs or so. Still some time...get 'em while you can. Whine about when the season should start after the 2nd.
  7. What 2thepointsetters said. Come on, know your target.
  8. GudeMN

    Any successful moles terminators out there?

    Thanks for the ideas. My uncle just mentioned the plastic "worms" from Menards. I think I will give those dudes a shot next year. The maze of tunnels is too far along to try and flood the vermin. I will be on top of things next year as soon as they show. Thanks again for all the input.
  9. GudeMN

    Squirrels in the backyard

    Where is this store? I have some business for them.
  10. Had a pretty bad mole problem this summer. I even had my lawn care company treat for grubs before I saw any sign of mole activity this season trying to head them off early. The buggers had a field day this year anyway. I'm not noticing any new activity so it may be too late this year but any ideas would be appreciated so I can formulate a plan next spring. Thanks.
  11. Don't zip tie if you don't have to. I always used 3 inch square fence on the outside of my blind and then would take handfuls of reed canary grass and and pull it down through the squares. Start at the top of your blind and work down to the bottom. The compressed unnatural looking grass won't show because it will be covered by the fluffed up top of the lower layer of grass. Once you've completely covered your blind in that, go back and slip in other vegetation you might find in your spot. Takes time but is the best way I've found to actually break up the outline of a blind and not just cover the surface with fake looking bundles of grass or reeds. I have pics if you want to take a look. Grassing the blind was almost as fun as hunting out of it!
  12. GudeMN

    Yamaha 3hp Question

    Thanks for all the responses guys. It is water cooled, that I found out for sure. But I haven't been able to to find the pee hole to be sure. There aren't any hoses running to the base of the cowl so marine_man may have nailed that one. I'm going to stick it in a tub and run it for awhile to get a look before I take it in. I had it on a MoMarsh Fatboy marsh boat while running it and there was no way to get a good look at the motor while underway. Thanks for the help. I write if I discover anything.
  13. GudeMN

    Yellow jacket nest

    I do my yellow jacket work at night as well. I don't go flammable though. Feed a hose in there as far as you like and let 'er rip!! Keep it in there awhile. If you shut it off too soon, survivors will crawl out. Be persistent, most will drown and if you push/pull the hose alternately while the water is on you will break up the combs inside. Once those are destroyed either from water or coming out of the hole, it's over. Those little nasties that lived to tell about it vacate ASAP! I've taken care of three nests like that so far.
  14. GudeMN

    Yamaha 3hp Question

    I have a 1990-something 3hp Yamaha I tried out tonight for the first time. Fired up great, ran like a top except for one concern I have. No water coming out of the "pee hole". I actually couldn't find a pee hole on the thing. It didn't seem right and after 5 minutes or so.... performance seemed to lag and the motor would kill. Overheat I assumed. Back on shore I took the hood off looked everywhere inside and out but couldn't come up with a hole I was confident water should be coming out of. I know some low HP motors are air-cooled but I didn't think this one was. Any insight from any one. The tag with serial/model number is absent so I can't be sure of year/model but the seller assured me it was mid-90's. Clean as can be on the inside and ran great. Just a bit concerned about the absence of a steady stream coming out. Thanks for any help.
  15. GudeMN

    200 OptiMax Break-in??

    Thanks guys....I have no problem grinding on it. I just don't want to overdo it. Any more thoughts/experiences?