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  1. Ok for future reference the little part I needed was 4343 Aluminum Hose Assembly (Generation 1)for $24. The place I got it from had it in stock and shipped same day. D-Rock 651-639-0446 St Paul. GREAT customer service from them... ! Thanks for the help and tips... still waiting for a call back from Jiffy 2 days and counting.
  2. I purchased a PRO 4 auger a few years back, this last trip for no reason what so ever... this little aluminum tube from the regulator to the carb just cracked in half. Bad deal but no problem, I did some research and found this part has been upgraded. Here IS the problem... I cant find the part on there "parts" HSOforum. I have spent 4 hours on the phone over 2 days trying to get in touch with anyone who can help me. I finally left a message 2 days later someone calls me back "Bill" ....of course I missed the call and no direct number to get in touch with Bill. I have been on hold or doing the tree dance for 3 hours this morning as well. Do they have 1 guy answering the phone... ? I would like to get this fixed for the weekend but that is looking like there is no way. As a test I called StrikeMaster... 'Im on the line with them in minutes. Love the auger but not digg'in the customer service. Anyone have an idea how I can get the part or get them on the horn? Oh and I have sent emails as well.
  3. $200 DC 14.4v yes- just clamp the pos to neg. shuts it down. use a meter...for full charge. sounds like a snow machine off in the distance. I have a lot out here posted do a search on wind generator from about 2 years back to now.
  4. its all in the mount... this one can handle 200 mph
  5. Use wind... solar - to get it worth while is costly. My batteries are always topped off.
  6. There are a bunch of write-ups on it out here... just search my name and wind generator...May have to go way back I have had it for a while now. The total was about $250 to make it, and other parts purchased. WAY less than most generators.. here is one of the links http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2159215/1
  7. Not me... WIND POWER... enough to run my inverter with TV DVD Microwwave and Deep Fryer, lights and heater. Generator stays at home!
  8. Had those also they are a lot like all the others still got to get down and twist them in...where the Ice Angels are a lot different. Even more easier\faster. FOR SALE: 8 ESKIMO NEW ice anchors $1 ea. 4 Ultimate Ice anchors $5 ea.
  9. You can have my Eskimo ice anchors... supposidly they are the best. But I have not used them once since I got Ice Angels. Way easier and faster. No need for a drill etc. you already have all you need with the auger. With a few figure 9 caribeener's (SP) you can have your hub shelter secured in under a min.
  10. Spades, poker, holdem, darts (with the kids) bop it, stretego, all the kings men, or Guitar Hero.
  11. olbaidhh

    Which Sled

    If fleet farm was selling them at $130, you know there is profit to be made at that price. As such, if I was at the show and I wanted one of these, I'd be running around offering $130 to everyone that had them until someone bites. No guarantees, obviously, but there's a starting point anyway for negotiations. You can also just tell the folks there that want to charge ya 200 that costco has the pelican combo (almost the exact same setup, just a longer/skinnier sled) for $150. Armed with that information, if you can't get one for somewhere in that $130 to $150 range at the show, I'll be surprised. Thats my plan ...
  12. olbaidhh

    Which Sled

    So i am shooting for $130 for that deal at the show this weekend ... thanks!!!!
  13. olbaidhh

    Which Sled

    Yes, and 4-wheeler and shelter, auger, poles, tackle box, chair, heater, bait, lunch, beverages.
  14. olbaidhh

    Which Sled

    Looking to pick up a portable sled at the ice show this weekend, anyone know of any deals? I kind of have it narrowed down to 2 different ones: Otter Pro Medium $99 64"L x 32"D x 15"H. Weight: 32 lbs. Or the Clam Nordic Large $89 74" x 40" x 18" (no weight listed) ...anyone better than the other? Input much appreciated, thanks.
  15. yep thats the start there are a few older threads about it as well.... Its still going strong! updated it to 9 blades now though.
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