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  1. I keep a fan on mine to keep them strong. That seems to do the trick.
  2. I’ve got 2 mourning doves that stop by at dusk every night. And about 30 blue jays throughout the day.
  3. How common are eastern kingbirds? First year I’ve seen them and they have been all over.
  4. This is the one I use. Noticed several different ones online
  5. I’ve been using crossbow on my lawn for 3 years and never have had a dead spot where I sprayed it. Father in law uses it as well now. I also have a sprinkler system so I water the following day. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Just don’t use crossbow when it’s above 80 or going to be above 80 or it kills the lawn as well. It’s a great product, spray on clover in the morning and it’s brown by evening.
  7. Wow you jump in deep. You stated something that was wrong. You got called out on it being wrong. It’s ok. First step is admitting it. Good try to deflect though.
  8. Didn’t Glen Mason’s team beat bama?
  9. Rogers had the Jake for below 100 in the cave yesterday. Not sure how many but I’d say 4-5 at least
  10. Where do you find them? I’ve asked several butcher shops and nothing.
  11. I bought a Louisiana and the second time I used it the auger stopped. I emailed Louisiana and it took them 3 days to return an email and tell me to call some other number to get help. 3 days to tell me that was all I needed. Returned it and got a trager and it’s worked awesome. Wanted to like the Louisiana, felt more heavy duty but the customer service ruined it.
  12. Well then I’m getting in on posting cause I haven’t heard anything besides geese and pheasant. It’s beautiful morning to be hunting though.
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