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  1. I have about a dozen sedum around the yard. Tons of bees. With Those and bee balm I feel like I did my part with the bee population. tomatoes, second round of peas and habanero are the only thing left. Collected my 4 o’clock seeds and need to clip 5-6 zinnias to plant next spring. Yards down to 3 inches, wind has helped when dropping the mower down a quarter inch. Duffman care to share what you use pepper sauce for? I googled it but seeing if you do something different with it. Thanks
  2. Picked second round of sweet corn, then pulled all my corn, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and a few of my crappy tomato plants. Gardens looking very empty. Next year I will be adding 2 yards of compost to the garden and got a lot of brush to burn, going to add the ash before tilling next spring. I need to add to my soil each year, tried to skip it this year and it showed in a lot of my plants. Produced but not like in years past when I have added compost to it. Live and learn. tomatoes were the only thing that really did well. Close to 40 qts of salsa last week.
  3. Been very impressed with my rugged boy tomatoes. Great size (softball) and no marks or splitting. They will be my tomato of choice from now on. Also blight resistant, my celebrities look like dump and very little blight on the RB.
  4. Starting to kick in now. Second round of blts today. Cucumbers lined the bottom of the box.
  5. They have that corn at 101 market in Otsego too. Just was talking with them today and had it for dinner.
  6. I just trimmed my cherry tomato tonight. Not all of the branches but probably half of them. Hopefully it helps
  7. Now you are just bragging!! ?
  8. Peas are popping, pulled a few yellow squash so far. Cherry tomatoes are starting to turn red, first round of corn is tasseled out. Couple of weeks and the harvest should be in high gear. Can’t wait for first blt of the season.
  9. I’ve used green grass. Are you having better success with dried grass? Or have you just stopped with grass all together?
  10. Smurfy any other reason besides maybe weed control you put grass clippings under your cucumbers? I do under tomatoes to try to stop blight, but curious on your reasoning on cucumbers. Thanks.
  11. Looks great. I still can’t believe how expensive ribs are. Last time at Costco 3 rib pack was $60. Usually we do 2 packs and freeze the 4 of the racks after they are smoked.
  12. Had a storm come through at 5 tonight, glad I mounded the sweet corn or it would have been flat after that wind.
  13. Got a few tomatoes struggling after being away for a few days. The rest is doing well. First round of sweet corn are above my knee already. Second batch planted start of June are probably a foot tall. 5 bean plants is all I got after 3 rounds of planting. Save time picking them this year at least.
  14. Have not seen the indigo bunting or scarlet tanager yet this year. Usually have sightings of them by now.
  15. Tomatoes are growing like weeds too bad so are the weeds!! Still no beans from second planting and they are there just not germinating and never had any issues in the past. Frustrating to say the least.
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