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  1. Have not seen the indigo bunting or scarlet tanager yet this year. Usually have sightings of them by now.
  2. Tomatoes are growing like weeds too bad so are the weeds!! Still no beans from second planting and they are there just not germinating and never had any issues in the past. Frustrating to say the least.
  3. Have not been noticing any difference in north anoka county. Always fun to see them. Can’t wait for the eggs to hatch and having 4-5 on the deck at a time looking for bugs in the lawn
  4. I do what I can to have as few of them around as I can. Thank goodness for .22 silents. Probably taken out 20 or so this winter. I’ll have to look to see if I can find the ungerminated seeds. Thanks for the tip. Couple pepper plants got hit from frost. Hoping they come back, just the tops are black.
  5. Been a rough start. No beans came up, about 5 peas sprouted. Maybe half of my cucumbers, 2 zucchini’s out of 20 or so. Hopefully replants work better.
  6. Yep north metro we have had them for a week or so. Finally got eyes on the rooster pheasant that’s been tormenting my dog and I.
  7. Saw my first blue bird this morning.
  8. Question on turkey hunting. I’ll be hunting a piece that is surrounded by ridges bottom is open pasture and crops. I’m guessing best to hunt the open fields mornings. Then where do you go? Top of the ridges? Bottom of ridges? Middle? Just trying to put a plan together. Any information would be great.
  9. Good luck I hope you get a few.
  10. Tried this at 1 this afternoon and all sold out already. Guess I should have checked at 10 when they went on sale
  11. Thanks that is my thought too with them. I bought 3- 12 packs of large mouths on Sunday and then mom said she wanted some. Looked yesterday and they were all gone. dump
  12. Anybody tried the no name lids? Apprehensive to try them. Any info?
  13. Might be a stupid question but do the birds travel in packs from feeder to feeder? I’ll have nothing and then look outside and there will be 30 birds out there and after a few minutes they are all gone again. Safety in numbers?
  14. Picked up a bunch of my seeds Sunday at Menards. Wont start them for a few months but nice to have them on hand and not scampering trying to find seeds in April. I’ve found a fan and a good grow light helps with the leggy tomatoes. I’m getting excited for the season, I’m guessing the wife cuts down on my tomato plants this year, says I’m wasteful. I’d rather have too much then not enough!!
  15. We have about a dozen that hang around our neighborhood. Seems like each year that number increases. Seems like open water and feed keep them around here.
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