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  1. Mad Bomber all the way, i got a Rabbit Mad Bomber hat as a gift 22 years ago, and it's the warmest hat i have ever used. Besides you get the ability to embarress the wife when out in public as you look like a Russian from Siberia. bigminnow
  2. don't use a deep cycle battery charger, i made that mistake 3 years ago and ruined the battery, i had to drop it off at the hennepin county recycling center in a box because the acid was coming out the crack of where the top connected to the base. go with a vex charger bigminnow
  3. I have a jiffy that is now at least 15 years old and it works like a champ. Like the post above just drain it's gas every year and she starts right up the following year with a fresh gas. Some guys will argue to leave gas in there all year with a preservative (becasue of drying out the gaskets) however after 15 years of draining that has never been a problem. Just make sure to get an auger with "chipper" blade as these blades are more effective and will still effieicntly cut even when dull. bigminnow
  4. Those are great Ideas I will give Dryer sheets a try ( who new mice don't like Bounce ), if that doesn't work i will give Moth Balls a try.... Thx for the advice. bigminnow
  5. I just went out yesterday for the first time with a new portable i bought last season. I was bummed to find 3 new mouse holes in the canvas cover. Now both of my portables have holes in their canvas from mice. Has anyone found a good way to prevent mice from chewing up their portables when in storage? I guess i need to get the mouse traps back in the garage. bigminnow
  6. Muskielaw, I have had the H20C for 3 years now and it's an indispenable tool on the water and in the woods. if the current chip isn't working i would go with a lakemaster chip, the detail and quantity of lakes is fantastic. Also my h2oc really goes through the batteries, so i would spend the 20 bucks and get a set of rechargables, and get 4 so you can always have a fresh set available for the unit. once you play around with it you will not be able to hunt/fish without it. Bigminnow
  7. M1 , thats a nice set up, How effective is the heat retention with the way it looks in the pictures, with the single strip of insulation? i have the same shack, and was looking to add the same insulation this season, did you make seteprate pieces for the sides? bigminnow
  8. Just saw that video, if you ask me thats not a bad light. I have used many different lights in the past and for the price thats hard to beat. Bigminnow
  9. If you are going 2 adults and 1 child then I would go with the Voyager. I have a voyager and take it out alone most of the time, in the snow is it a beast to pull, on ice it's a breeze. Once set up you have plenty of room forthe minnow bucket, flshers, lights, and a heater. If you think it will usually just be 2 of you I would go with the Yukon, why bother with the extra weight if you don't need to. I got the OK from the wife to get the scout or the guide so I don't have a heart attack when i take the voyager out alone. Bottom line you can't go wrong with any of the Fish traps. just need to decide how many people will be with you most of the time.
  10. I second what buzbunni said... you can't beat basic black braided Dacron line, it's inexpensive, holds a knot well, and lasts forever. If you attach a quick strike with a leader you have a northern setup, if you go with a leader of fire line it would work well for walters. bigminnow
  11. This last week I read an article on Startribune.com that indicated if you have a portable and don't leave it unattended overnight, you don't need to license it. Just went to the DNR HSOforum and confirmed this is true..... Looks like you only need to license it if you plan on leaving it out overnight unattended. Christmas is early this year! bigminnow
  12. Buy One you'll love it... I got one last year and wish I would have gotten one earlier. Plus the seats are great, I have a bad back but can sit in the chairs all day long w/o any issues. Just a heads up it took me about 2 hrs to put it together in the garage... Once put together ..easy set up on the ice... Quality Unit Bigminnow
  13. I have a 7" Lazer, it's lightweight, easily folds with the thumbscrew, and really rips through the ice. I used a Mora for years until I tried by buddies Lazer... worth the $50 beans. Bigminnow
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