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  1. Thanks Guys, It was great to join such a fun group of guys for what has been my longest trail ride to date. I do what I can to keep the ride interesting!! You had the chance to leave me stranded in the deep snow of the swamp to fend for myself but you did not, for that I'm thankful. If someone got their foot and leg soaked to the knee I'll see what I can do to feel bad about that. Na I'm over it Nice meeting you as well leech. Thanks again guys for the fun day. I look forward to our next outing.
  2. WalleyeBIZ, There is no reason you would not be able to Pickle Northern year round. We make a new batch of Pickled Northern when ever we are getting low. It is always a good idea to freeze the chunks of northern to take care of any possible parasites. My recipe calls for three pounds of Northern chunks so I always keep a few extra pounds food sealed, weighed, dated and ready to go. It tastes just as great in the spring, summer or fall as it does in the winter. The more your friends find out about your Pickled Northern the more it will be in demand!!
  3. gill man, Sent you a private message, let me know if you received it.
  4. Good for you Steve for trying out the 4 stroke! You might have to send over a few more of the 2-cycle oil packets you have stock piled so they can be put to use!!
  5. Well I guess you can call me spoiled. I lucky enough to own both the Insulated Otter Cabin as well as the Insulated Otter Lodge. I purchased The Otter Cabin to use more during early Ice when I would be more apt to be pulling it by hand. I'm happy with the room and it is a bit lighter to load into the back of my F-350. The Otter Cabin leaves you more space in your pick-up box if you have a short bed for sure and that is always a great option. As soon as I'm able to take a 4-wheeler or sled I go with my Otter Lodge. There is never a problem with having to much room. I keep it fully loaded with all of my fishing gear including a 20lb LP tank. The only thing I do not store in the tub is my gas auger that stays on my 4-wheeler or the bed of my truck next to the house. It is a bit tight closing the access cover on my truck when using the Otter lodge but I'm able to make it work. I did not look to see where the original poster was located but I have seen a difference in prices in some parts of the state every now and then from one chain to the next.
  6. I would like to see your photos of the floor system. Sounds like a good idea...
  7. I was told once to use ice in the cooler just like you would in the summer months. I've done this the last couple of deer seasons with good luck. Give it a try while leaving the cooler inside the sleeper and it should work for ya. I also use a 5 day cooler that might work a little better.
  8. Ya what he said!! That is pretty much my game plan for Saturday attendance at the show.
  9. Piedmont Angler, Quick update on my new bolt on style gas tank kit for my Eskimo auger. It arrived yesterday by Speedee delivery while I was at work. Got home this morning installed the new tank filled it with gas and fired it up. Let me know if you need any help or just shot the breeze. Now I'm trying to figure out a system to drill two holes at a time!!
  10. My three or four year old Eskimo auger was also leaking from one of the molded in nuts on the bottom of the tank. I was lucky enough to notice the slight difference in size when I removed the tank from the auger. They list to types of tank kits on their HSOforum. One that was held on by straps and the bolt on type. I ordered an new bolt on (tank kit) as well. It comes complete with a new cap,grommet,line and filter along with the tank. A very easy fix for $22.00 and change total with shipping included. I've dealt with their customer service in the past working on an even older Eskimo auger in need of a tank that was not listed. You just give them a call and a little info about the auger like make and serial number and they locate the part from stock. I'm hoping to see my new tank in tomorrows mail. It's a plus that I keep a spare Eskimo auger on hand as well. Things break every now and then always good to have a back up!!
  11. dtro, Looks good thanks for the heads up I will have to pass that on to a couple of the guys up north that will be putting houses together. If it makes you feel any better you were able to get your Otter Wild Lodge put together faster then I was able to get through some computer based training at work today!! Long Day
  12. I've had a number of toppers in the past years and after having an access cover I don't plan on ever going back to a topper.
  13. I have a 2004 Super Duty and I believe the box sides are lower then the newer model fords. I was unable to close my access cover when I went to the newer Otter lodge with the new style seating. The aluminum cross brace that went across the tub did not allow the tent polls to lay flat on top of the tub like they did before. I went back to the old style aluminum seat brackets now the tent polls lay flat. With the seats placed in the tub I'm now able to close my access cover. I had to put a 3/4 inch plywood spacer in between the swivel and the seat bracket to keep the newer padded seats from scraping and riping on the old style seat bracket but that's a whole other story!!
  14. Capt. H, Were are you located? I'm in Duluth with an Otter Cabin that you could try for a test fit if you are in the area. Someone else may make you the same offer if they are located near you. Let me know if I can be of help.
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