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  1. Have had good success trolling size 4 salmo hornets.
  2. Just a tip for those pheasant hunting in the Marshall area, we had a lot of flooding in late June that knocked out pheasant nests and broods in low lying areas. From what I've seen WMA's with more high ground and hills have a better population than those that are mostly wetlands and subject to flooding. Good luck everyone.
  3. Curious as to how much of a factor disturbance from hunting an area causes deer to move to slightly different locals. I'm guessing that even when a person tries to minimize it leaving some scent behind has an effect. What do others think?
  4. Freezer works ok but they fill up fast with entire carcasses.
  5. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.
  6. You may bump an occasional one along the edge of a corn field on public land, but your best bet would be to find some small grain stubble. Will likely have to be on private land, and is more common from Swift County and further north.
  7. Fathead minnows will remove the scud population, but water salinity is a big factor as well. Further west equals higher salinity, not really something the DNR can control.
  8. I should correct that last post to say it would be nice if snares were allowed as land sets in southern MN during March and April. Very effective on trails where they come out to make fresh cuttings.
  9. It would be nice if snares were allowed in MN during March and April.
  10. Lakes are mostly open, but colder temps are forecasted starting this evening. Took a drive around southwestern part of Lyon Co. on Monday, didn't see many ducks but were a few flocks of geese around.
  11. Sold some in the Marshall area, 18 for mink, 8 for rats, and 14 for coons. Coons not overly large.
  12. We were there the last week of June last year and will be again this summer. Had good luck with lake trout is 50 to 60 feet of water with downriggers. Also found plenty of smallies including a 20 incher, lots of small northerns in the cache lakes and landed five muskies during the week. We did not catch a lot of walleyes but most of the ones we caught were good sized. Good luck we really enjoyed the place.
  13. Rob - Great Job! Just wondering how extensively do you hide yourself while calling? I know some people say as long as you have something to break your background it's enough. Is that your experience, or do you want something in front of you as well?
  14. I'm thinking it might make sense to use the heavier payload with a more open choke. More room for error with the wider pattern, but still keep the pattern density up with higher pellet count. Anyone experimented with this?
  15. Bird numbers seem to be a little higher in Lincoln County which is one county further west.
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