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  1. Day 2-3 Spielman reminded me of a first year fantasy football drafter. I'll get lots of guys on the same teams LOL. He did do well day one but the rest was a bunch of reaches and a couple of head scrathers with a 60% Kicker and a big FB that cried, (really???), because even he didn't think he'd be drafted.
  2. Thanks for sharing Don. Very cool.
  3. Big Tom

    Matt Capps

    I'm surprised it took so long for him to blow a save and lose a game. Liriano is not the solution due to his walks. Since we paid Capps we can all cringe the rest of the year.
  4. Big Tom

    New AIS law

    Harvey, you're more likely to get blood from a turnip than logical responses from a troll. Just sayin....
  5. Pavano is a free agent next year Baker is a team option for $9.25M for next year, forget about that. Liriano is not a good idea for the bullpen when he has had control problems off and on his whole career. This season he has 13 BB in 13 innings pitched. The front office failures in drafting/trading/securing quality free agents for pitching are really coming home to roost.
  6. Big Tom

    The Twins

    1. Billy Smith is still with the team, just not as GM. You're wrong if you don't think he has input. Ryan wanted him to stay on. That's two of the biggest culprits in the poor on-field talent. I'm no Gardy fan boy but we've needed pitching since losing Garza and Santana. 2. Only to a degree and I'm not talking about one year. Look at the last 7 and get back to me. 3. Again, I'm not talking about 1 or 2 years. Everyone gets lucky and everyone gets unlucky. Either we're just very unlucky or the performance in drafting has been poor. I'm going with the latter. Here's the last 7 years of 1st rounders including compensatory and sandwich picks. One decent starter who was traded. One starting first baseman, only due to Morneau's concussion issue, a reserve outfielder, a failed starter turned set up man. That's it. Out of 18 picks. That's a pretty high failure rate. 2004 Trevor Plouffe Shortstop Crespi Carmelite High School (Encino, California) 20 [57] 2004 Glen Perkins Left-handed pitcher University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 22 [57] 2004 Steven Waldrop Right-handed pitcher Farragut High School (Knoxville, Tennessee) 25[j] [57] 2004 Matthew Fox Right-handed pitcher University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida) 35§[k] [57] 2004 Jay Rainville Right-handed pitcher Bishop Hendricken High School (Warwick, Rhode Island) 39§[l] [57] 2005 Matt Garza Right-handed pitcher California State University, Fresno (Fresno, California) 25 [58] 2005 Henry Sanchez First baseman Mission Bay High School (San Diego, California) 39§[m] [58] 2006 Chris Parmelee Outfielder Chino Hills High School (Chino Hills, California) 20 [59] 2007 Ben Revere Outfielder Lexington Catholic High School (Lexington, Kentucky) 28 [60] 2008 Aaron Hicks Outfielder Wilson High School (Long Beach, California) 14 [61] 2008 Carlos Gutiérrez Right-handed pitcher University of Miami (Coral Gables, Florida) 27[n] [61] 2008 Shooter Hunt Right-handed pitcher Tulane University (New Orleans, Louisiana) 31§[o] [61] 2009 Kyle Gibson Right-handed pitcher University of Missouri (Columbia, Missouri) 22 [62] 2009 Matthew Bashore Left-handed pitcher Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana) 46§[p] [62] 2010 Alex Wimmers Right-handed pitcher Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio) 21 [63] 2011 Levi Michael Shortstop University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) 30 [64] 2011 Travis Harrison Third baseman Tustin High School (Tustin, California) 50§[q] [64] 2011 Hudson Boyd Right-handed pitcher Bishop Verot High School 4. Gibson sure. Who else? 5. They have also had a ton of compensatory picks for free agents. 6. KC is always right around the corner and have had high draft picks for 20 years. If you think the Twins have done even an average job in the draft, and specifically on pitching, you're not paying attention.
  7. Big Tom

    The Twins

    Terry Ryan, Billy Smith and anyone else who has had input on the Twin's drafts for the past 7 years needs to go now. If you continually strike out on drafting pitchers you get what we have now. Beyond the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies, it's pretty hard and very expensive to fix this through free agency.
  8. It'll be interesting to see how the Two Jakes work out on the NW. I'm guessing there will be more fireworks on that boat than the TB.
  9. You know the real entertainment on the Governor's Opener for me the last 8 years was hearing that Pawlenty "The Outdoorsman" get outfished by his wife again. Of course our current Governor will probably get outfished by his dog. Arne Carlson though, now there was a fisherman.
  10. I'll be fishing the 5th either way as well, likely with a crappie minnow and a bobber right outside the same bullrushes I always fish the first week of May and that evening off the same dock. I'll either be able to keep those bonus walleye's I frequently catch or I won't. Whatever the rubes in the legislature do will have no more impact on me then that. Either way, I'll enjoy the day, the kids will catch fish and there will be something in the frying pan for dinner. When the 12th rolls around it will still be about the fiahing and not about "I went up fishing on opener for the Xth year in a row, got really drunk, made a fool of myself and caused a huge scene at the landing because I don't maintain my boat and haven't the slightest clue on what launch etiquette is." There will be plenty of others very capable of that.
  11. Do an on-line search for "early minnesota fishing opener + dnr" Seems like the comments run from the Fisheries Chief believing it's fine as it is now and has been since 1948 to we're studying the biological impacts to we have have conerns on Mille Lacs etc. Given what this legislature has been able to accomplish this session, I'd wager it doesn't get done anyway. I'd also be shocked if inclusion of this shift in the opener was done with any involvement from the DNR. It has provided some entertainment on this forum at least either way.
  12. Impossible to argue with logic as sound as this. Ron Schara's goofy article today and a lot of posts on this thread. Not so much.
  13. Putting a smoking section at the NW corner doors was the problem. Move it away from the doors or put it up in the cheap seats in left. Problem solved. I'll just get the cheap seats in left at the top and smoke as much as I please. If the rent a cops want to walk all the way up to eject me, so be it. I remember when Norm Green did this. Stupid move.
  14. Given it's a Federal Treaty affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court, just what is it you think the Minnesota Legislature is going to do?
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