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  1. Thanks Outfitter; Back in the late 1950's on my first real lake trout trip we flew to Upper Manitou and stayed "american plan" at a resort, can not remember the name, I do recall hearing about the gold mine near there.
  2. Would someone please inform me when the Lake Trout season ends in Whitefish Bay? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks guy's for all your input. He just called me from Billings saying he went for a new 25 hp 2 cycle E-start Yammy, that will give him quite a positive change on his 14.5' boat.
  4. My brother-in-law sold his 15 hp, 2 stroke and wants to replace it with a 4 stroke with more power and speed. Will a 20 hp 4 stroke work? I think he should go for a 25 hp, 4 stroke, what is your opinions? Thanks
  5. We got checked once at the Warroad port of entry, the crawlers were in paper bedding, the officer remarked that the bedding was too dark, after that we make sure to wash the crawlers in two seperate water's and put them in clean paper bedding, but haven't been checked since.
  6. Hi Hemlock, Thanks for the very interesting report, keep them coming.
  7. What are the pro's and con's on this unit? Thanks
  8. Hi Hemlock, How are the trout going up there, have you been out to White Fish Bay yet?
  9. I take them apart and slip a 3/4 inch conduit pipe on and slip that over the draft hole while warming up. We do this for all the noisy heaters in our enclosed deer stands, the deer don't need a wakeup call when we enter the stands.
  10. I haven't been to Showalters resort, but knew the family when they owned Northwest Flying Service out of Nestor Falls. They ran a first class operation at that time and am sure it is a family tradition to keep it first class. Flew out with Ralph and "Big Ed" several times.
  11. I know a guide that lives on Crow, he was featured in the Star/Trib a few years a go. Have been out with him a couple of times, he knows the lake and you can't find a nicer guy to go out with in my opinion. I don't think I am allowed to give his name and phone number here so if interested give me a call at 218-938-4480
  12. I like this method because it is easy to make a 2 hook snell, do the end first and the upper second. http://www.fishing.sh/htmfiles/knots/snelling.html
  13. I am surprised there aren't more Lake of The Woods stories. We were on the south shore fishing in a 27' Sportcraft when a high NW wind came up, I don't like to be called for exaggerating when saying that the waves were 10' high, but if you have ever seen a 27' Sportcraft with a canopy you know its quite high. When we were at the bottom of the waves we could not see over the top of the waves. We took the waves at an angle and rolled over them very slowly with no problem, just took us a long time to get back to Warroad.
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