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  1. FYI, you can't legally hunt bobcats at night in Minnesota.
  2. I have a cabin in the woods, and I take the few carcasses I get, and hang them in the trees in my woods. The chickadees, woodpeckers and blue jays eat on them all winter. Natural suet balls! By spring, they are nothing but a pile of bones at the base of the tree. I like to think of it as payback time for the little prey birds.
  3. When it comes to fishing, cost is not an option! And that goes for all other outdoor sports too!
  4. I have a Mudbuddy with the Honda 24HP. I love it! Beats paddling anyday!
  5. I was involved in getting these light laws passed and maybe can shed some "light" (no pun intended) on them. Page 32 of the regs: A person hunting for coyote or fox from Jan. 1 to March 15 may use an artificial handheld light under the following conditions: (This sentence was to keep potential bow hunting deer poachers (who could still register a deer up to Dec 31st) from shining a deer while supposedly coyote hunting. They have to keep us honest...) • While on foot and not within a public right of way (So we are not shooting from a vehicle using the vehicle lights.) • Using a shotgun (Purely a safety consideration forced on us by the legislature. But we don't brag about being able to use high powered rifles at night while hunting under the full moon (without lights) and we sure don't want to lose that "liberty" do we? So please use good judgement while doing this type of hunting!) • Using a calling device (Vague enough language that allows any type of caller, whether electronic or mouth call. Owls can be dangerous at night while using a mouth call. Be careful of your head!) • Not within 200 feet of vehicle (Again, to keep potential deer poaching and shooting from a vehicle from happening. It also gets you away from the road.) Lights are another effective tool for predator hunting, especially when the full moon periods come with clouds.
  6. I did it in a 14 foot aluminum boat I use for duck hunting and it worked great. I did it for same reasons. For the non-slip surface it provides and to seal a few leaky rivets. I figure it added about 2 pounds to the boat after it dried. I recommend it. It also took the olive drab duck boat paint well too.
  7. of the new laws allowing .22 centerfires for deer hunting in Minnesota?
  8. Northlander, I had the same problem when I got mine last February. A friend told me to prime the cold engine as follows: With the key Off and the ckoke set to Full, , pull the pull cord very slowly so you feel the pistons "thumping". Do this about 3 times, then turn the key On and pull it normal. I found that mine starts quicker doing this. He said pulling the cord slowly with the key off primes the engine cylinders better. Some brands of sleds even come with primer pumps to do this for you. I really believe there is something to this as when I first got the sled, it had not been run in a year. I had to pour about 2 ounces of gas into each ofthe cylinders to get it to fire the first time I tried to start it and it started right up. I was sure it would flood it but it seems to like being flooded to start. This year when I first started it up (with treated gas in the tank), I did the slow pull method and it started right up. I was happy!
  9. I have a '95 XLT Special. I bought it used last February. It had just 5000 miles on it. I paid $1200 for it. I am very happy with the investment as well as the monthly payment:)
  10. I like my heated face shield. The cable is only a problem when I forget about it and get off the sled. Just under $100 shipped to my door from Dennis Kirk.
  11. I can't tell you that those 2 brands are not compatible but I can tell you that you do not want to mix calcium based grease with lithium based grease as they will "cake up" when mixed and not provide proper lubrication. It may be wise to tear them down now and clean and re-pack the bearings to be sure. It will cost you some $ to replace the seals now, but as they say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". I always feel real sorry for those guys broke down along the road with bearing failures. A lot of times it results in damaged hubs, axles and wheels.
  12. Moose, My Dtech loves the Black Hills 52 gr match moly hollowpoint. Dime sized groups at 100 yards and no problems. If I remember right, the blue boxes are re-man and the red boxes are new ammo. Either works well for me. You'll want to stay away from the real cheap brands of ammo. Some of them are steel bullets with a copper "plating", not a copper jacket. These will wear your barrel out fast. I bet if you asked DPMS about the Blackhills reloads, they would tell you go right ahead and use it.
  13. +1 for the Dtech! I absolutely love mine! Dime size groups at 100 yards with Black Hills Red Box 52gr Match Hollow points. Make sure you get a match grade trigger on it though. The standard factory triggers don't cut it.
  14. You're welcome Moose! Walleye101, we will be posting about it. As soon as our guy gets to meet with his legislators, and they agree to author it, and they originate the appropriate Bill #'s, we will tell the world about it. Until that happens, there really is nothing to support so your legislators would not know anything about it or even how to find out about it. If our guy's legislators don't agree with it, then we will need to find others who will! Give us a week or two to get it going and we will let you know. It's really a small change to current law.
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