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  1. Check out our area up here in Beltrami County. Great folks, accomodations and fishing of all types.
  2. We will keep an eye out for it up here. THIEVES!...the lowest form of any species...BAH!!
  3. These are the kinds of things that need more press, especially the penalties. Book-em-Dano!
  4. As of two hours ago we have 9" of ice on Gull Lake here in Beltrami County and the lake is a moaning and groaning. Cold snap on the way!!!!
  5. We all would like to invite you to our neck of the northwoods up here in the Bemidji-Blackduck area. We have some excellent walleye and pike lakes around here and many without much pressure.
  6. 2.5 inches thick about 30 yards off shore last night. Gull Lake here in Tenstrike is singing and moaning away chugging out ice.
  7. As I said, this was an isolated case and, unless I truly believed that the dogs were wild or a stray pack, I really never would shoot them. I talked to the neighbors and it turns out one of the kids let the dogs out over night. It's all cool now and all's well.
  8. Just a couple of days ago we had a thin layer of ice nearly across the whole of Gull Lake up here but a bit of rain and wind knocked that out. Old Gull here has been trying for a month to get on to freezing but just over the bull rushes and along the edges has stayed. Our forecast is looking great for ice making, though. This week you can just feel it. Will keep you posted here and in the Blackduck forum.
  9. You know, it was tough to get all set up, scent etc. just to have it all for nothing, and I get in the stand at least an hour or more before daylight. Another bummer was that for days I have been tracking and scouting this big swamp buck's movements, which isn't easy right after rifle season. I had him pegged this morning but when I heard the dogs barking I just figured they were tied up and that the deer were moving through their property. Like I said this went on for an hour and a half. I figured they might even push the deer my direction so I dealt with the yapping but when I saw that doe flying through and then the buck, well, I didn't know whether to try to aim at the deer or dawg, although when I recognized the poodle I knew whos it was and they are good neighbors and friends. Oh well, another time.
  10. Question: Can anyone tell me the regs on dogs chasing deer in Beltrami County? I'm out in my bow stand this morning, all set up, and about 6:30am the neighbors down the road 2 dogs start barking. This went on for an hour and a half. Right about 8:00 here comes a big doe barreling through the woods with a border collie on her heels. He came back through and seemed to head home a few minutes later. The next thing I know I hear crashing through the thicket and here comes that big buck I've been laying in wait for with the border collie and a big poodle chasing him like wolves. I have a good relationship with my neighbors and will call them here in a while but I just wanted to see where I stand with any regulations. This was the first time this has happened, by the way. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I would definately suggest setting your stand at the height you are comfortable with to shoot your best and most effective shot. Have you practiced shooting from elevated positions? I noticed you said the trees were bare but do you have any up-cover like twigs and branches? can you move a bit deeper into the tree line and still get shooting lanes? If not, you know, the trick is to just keep your movements to a minimum and your scent under control at lower heights. I have a few stands of differing heights from 6' to 15' here on my property and I also ground hunt. I've had deer literally standing within 10 yards of me, and sure, they check me out, but zero movement, good camo and scent control eases their curiosity. I just wait until they lower their heads to graze before drawing my bow.
  12. testing ------------------ Pat Bruno Bruno's Birch Haven Resort Gull Lake Tenstrike, Minnesota www.birchhavenresort.com 800-445-4330
  13. Thanks Rick, Good info. As I'm sure you noticed, we've had an interesting and sometimes heated discussion on this subject in the Bemidji Forum the last few days with the main conclusions all pointing towards education and pier pressure. With the onset of the "Live Well" and digital camera, the reasons for releasing have changed for the better, I believe. Again, great info. ------------------ Pat Bruno Bruno's Birch Haven Resort Gull Lake Tenstrike, Minnesota www.birchhavenresort.com 800-445-4330
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