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  1. Greenhornet2

    97 GMC Yukon 5.7 cruise control motor

    Works great, thank you.
  2. Greenhornet2

    97 GMC Yukon 5.7 cruise control motor

    I have a motor w/ cable, but i broke the clip removing from junker. my question is can i use old/installed cable and remove cable from old motor or can i remove existing plastic clip and replace broken clip on junker cble end. can the cable be removed from motor end, this would be the easy fix. thanks in advance.
  3. Will not hold set speed when going up hills. Drops and will not recover. Colder it gets the worse the problem. If i have to change the motor can/will the existing cable disconnect from old motor so i can use the old cable as not to break the plastic clip on throttle body?
  4. Greenhornet2

    OH No not the Zander!!!!

    Did they list the business that was/was not selling walleye?
  5. House has sold. Firm price on camera. Cash will do.Wanted to sell as set. ------------------
  6. Shak W/custom sled,(2) accessory boxes, & removeable tow bar. Could be used as dark house. Pic @ www.frabill.com. Sell $250.00. Aqua-vu 2 W/60' cable, charger, & battery. Sell $150.00. Both for $350.00.