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  1. Thanks, that's what i'm looking for. I imagine these slews experienced some winter kill similar to our lakes here in Minnesota -- are there access issues on these ponds that have roads running next to them (or in some cases into them). Here in Minnesota if the high water mark of a pond/lake runs to within the road easement then you can legally get on the water. Wondering if the same applies there as well. Is the fishing generally better first ice or last ice for perch? Thanks for the info - much appreciated
  2. Hi, I just got back from visiting my daughter in Fargo. We made a quick trip to Bismark (via I94). I noticed quite a few slews along the freeway and one had a couple of fisherman on it. I pulled up my lakesmap app to see if it had a name (it did not). How does a person determine if the lake/pond/slew is public? and also if there are fish in it? Being from Minnesota, we don't have much in the way of slew/pond fishing like that. Thanks
  3. hi, Where's the best place to pick up reasonably priced tire chains for my Polaris 600 - in a hurry ? Thanks
  4. Had the same thing happen to me -- i ran it on and off during the summer then a month or so ago tried it again (same auger) and it wouldn't start - did everything you tried including changing plug - it had a spark -- took it to Strikemaster, they replaces a diaphragm and a block ( a piece between the fuel intake and the piston) which wasn't allowing compression - the block part (whatever it was called) is a know issue so it didn't cost me anything. maybe that's the prob - works great now, used it over Thanksgiving, cut like a dream (of course only 7 inches of ice)
  5. unotrouble2

    ATV cover

    Hi all. I'm looking for a durable/trailerable ATV cover for my Sportsman 600. I'm thinking Cabela's Deluxe Trailerable cover. Anybody have any experience with this cover? Any other suggestions would be appreciated Thanks
  6. Disregard -- found what i was looking for - thanks anyways
  7. Hi, I know this has been a topic before - couldn't find it readily so I thought I would ask - where to take an auger for repair -- I live in the west metro - but if I have to I will travel to get the job done right -- thanks
  8. Hi, My horn slowly stopped working (sounded garbled towards the end until it eventually died) so I removed it and for kicks I hooked up a couple of wires and tried it on a 12 volt batter that I had lying around just to make certain it didn't work. It didn't, so I went to the local auto store and picked up a generic replacement horn. I then tried this new one on the same 12 volt battery and it worked just fine. After installing this new one on the truck it still doesn't work - any ideas where to look next? Thanks
  9. I've been using the spring bobber for years. I use the flat metal ones but thought about the Frabil titanium with the hopes that they are more sensitive and they don't deform. I did look at the fishing poles with the light (fast tip) but wondered if they are as good as a spring bobber for indicating light bites etc. for those that have used spring bobbers and made the switch to fast action type poles - are there ever any days that you wished you had the spring bobber back on? Also, what poles work the best for going without a spring bobber - mainly fish panfish Thanks
  10. Hi all, I'm thinking of picking one of these up and giving it a try. Does anyone have any experiance with them, and if so what did you think? Thanks
  11. Thanks -- the horn worked ok for a bit - then it started making gargled noises (like a connection was loose). It now doesn't work at all. Thanks again
  12. Hi, Where is the horn located -- thanks
  13. Have a tooth brush i can spare:) what would i use with the tooth brush - if anything
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