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  1. Where on Vermillion are you located. I will be in the area this weekend through Wednesday morning.
  2. I've had a Jiffy 2 H.P. Stealth STX for 3 years now and love it. Two of my brothers on the other hand have Strikemasters, one of which has broken the pull cord three years in a row now while out on LOW, making him SOL. The other's is sitting in his garage with a broken handle as the handle is synthetic (ie. plastic). Go Jiffy 2HP as the 3HP is much heavier. Jiffy augers are "chippers" where as Strikemasters shave the ice. You will never have to change the blade on a Jiffy as you will on a strikemater. Yes strikemasters will drill a hole 3 seconds faster most likely, if the pull cord and handle stay in tact that is. Also, I suggest you go with the "Ice house" handle that is curved up on one side for ease of drilling inside ice houses, especially in the corners.
  3. If you go musky fishing, keep your windshield open for ease of walking-through.
  4. Extend your dock out a little further into the lake, and build it in a "T" shape at the end, extending 15 feet in each direction... Shake'em
  5. I have fished out of tillers, single consoles, double consoles and walkthroughs. In my opinion, each holds its purpose. It really depends on what type of fishing you are planning to do. At this point, we mainly fish for Eyes on big water (mainly Mille Lacs), and I wouldn't want to be without the walkthrough. It is seriously a 25-30 degree difference between sitting in the front of the boat, or in the back behind the windshield, under the canopy, out of the wind and rain. And this when the boat is anchored or drifting. Imagine driving across the lake in the wind and rain. Walkthrough all the way in my opinion... Shake'em
  6. Question for you all... Does ones DNR# change from year to year, and is it the same DNR# on shelter tag as on ones sportsmans/fishing license. I would assume the regs are to use the DNR# located on the shelter license, but if this changes from year to year, it would be pointless to make the # permanent on the shelter... I hate to do it, but this means I will end up using my drivers license#. I plan to laminate a piece of paper and use fishing line to tie above door. I see some of you use permanent marker and write your info on the shelter, but that will make it harder to sell if need be... Shake'em
  7. Multi-hook rigs can be tricky with using snell knots. Just be sure to leave at least one foot of extra line when tying on the first hook. After a couple, you will get the hang of it. This is the only knot I use for tying rigs. I tie a snap-swivel onto my line, then attach the loop of the rig to avoid line twisting... Shake'em [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 03-17-2004).]
  8. We tie all our lindey rigs and crawler harness's. Sure saves on the pocket book. I would suggest that you make different lengths and colors, so when you are out on the lake, all you need to do is reach for the tackle box, instead of tying up a rig when fighting 4-foot waves... If you use up a few that particular day, be sure to replace them in your box before you go out the next time. It might be going a little too far, but we put our lindey’s in 2”x3” plastic baggies, and write the length on the bag. Reason being, we use anywhere from 3-foot to 12-foot lindeys, and there is no way to tell the length withought unraveling… With today’s slots, and not wanting to rip hooks out of an Eyes stomach before releasing, we go through many lindeys. Shake'em [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 03-17-2004).]
  9. Shake'em

    Drift Socks

    I have always fished with the sock rated for the size boat I was in. Having said that, there are times when we have needed two socks in order to slow down our presentation. Though, we do put the sock off the side of the boat because there are normally 3 people inside. If only fishing two people, you may put the sock directly off the bow, which will slow you down as the wind will not be pushing the boat as fast. I would suggest having two. You never know what the wind will be like, or how slow/fast of a presentation the fish will like that particular day. Shake'em
  10. Shake'em

    Drift Socks

    In the past I have used the size compatible with the boat I was fishing in. Somedays you move too slow, other days you might need a second sock, depending on how the fish are hitting and the wind in your part of the lake. I don't think there is a magic size, because no matter what size you choose, you may want to drift slower or faster depending on your presentation method. Shake'em
  11. Anayzer- Congrats on the new rig... I am sure you will be very happy with the purchase... Shake'em
  12. I am looking for some advice about purchasing my first boat. It would probably be another year or two before I could afford new, so I am looking at used. Anyhow, I have a chance to purchase a 1989 Crestliner 1850 (I believe it would be considered a Sportfish) with the specs listed below. I have yet to see the boat, but I thought I would ask everyone about your thoughts on I/O motors, and what this vessel might be worth. I believe the asking price is $6500... What are the pos and negs of I/O's, are I/O's decent fishing boats, and is this worth the asking price, in your opinion? 1989 Crestliner 1850 Inboard V6 Custom travel cover Shorelander roller trailer Minkota autopilot front troller 4 pedestal seats 2 flip-down seats in back Full windshield Canopy 2 Lowrance Depthfinder (one is x91 and other is original with graph and lowrance in one) Thanks in advance for any info you have... Shake'em
  13. Up unil now, one only needed full name and address OR drivers license on portable. The change for 2004 is as follows (taken direcly from DNR 2004 fishing regulations) 2004 regs All shelters, which include dark houses, fish houses, and portable shelters, placed on the ice of Minnesota waters must have the complete name and address, driver’s license number or Minnesota DNR number of the owner plainly and legibly displayed on the outside in letters, and figures at least 2 inches in height. Laminate a piece of paper with this information, and tie to portable door (or next to door) with fishing line, and forget about it... Shake'em
  14. Shake'em

    New Guy

    Who's da new guy? Just so you know, da new guy buys the beer...
  15. Re: WD40, I have heard of people purposely using this on their bait (illegal) because it is made of basically the same components as some expensive "lure attractant" sprays on the market. Re: Women's hands, I have also heard of one guide who, when his wife is in the boat, she is the only one allowed to bait the hooks. He claims there is something about the "scent of a woman" that attracts fish. She too consistently outfishes him if he baits his own... True Story... Shake'em
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