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  1. Have you tried bypassed the relays? Both relays have to be connected to properly check to see if bypassing will work. Also, both relays have to be connected at the same time to verify if working properly.
  2. There are two relays in the front of the motor (about an 1-1/2" X 1-1/2") under the cowling. You should be able to remove them and take them to Napa or O'Reily's and replace them cheap. You can also swap them out to raise or lower, depending on which one is bad. I don't believe there is a manual release to lower or raise the motor. Easy and cheap fix. Hope this helps.
  3. My summation: Buried tack all the wayPlaced 6 cold poked eggs in panfilled pan with cold water to a level 1 inch above eggsbrought water to boilonce boiling set timer for 1 minuteafter 1 minute, turned burner off and covered for 12 minutesafter 12 minutes, rinsed with cold wateron second rinse, added a couple pieces of iceonce cooled tried the shake eggs in water bath w/ 3 of them and also shell removal by hand for remaining 3all turned out not worthy of smoking or making deviled eggs that look like they were not used as hackey sacksEgg yolks did look fine so assuming cooking time was sufficientWHAT GIVES? May poke and add oil next time?
  4. Sorry if it has been answered in the last 17 pages, however, do you poke all the way thru the air sac and membrane or stop short of piercing the membrane?
  5. Agreed with walleyehooker. This cold makes most things more stiff requiring more down pressure.
  6. How far does one actually push the tack in? Do you push all the way thru the sac or just enough to puncture the shell?
  7. Not quite sure where to post this so thought I may start here. Just a generic insurance question to all... How often do you switch insurance companies? I have had the same carrier for many years with very few claims. Is there a benefit to switching companies every few years or is it better to stay with the same one long term? This would be for complete insruance needs. I hear of people switching every couple of years and they have all said they save quite a bit of money. Thanks all. Thoughts?
  8. PK3

    auger rack sale

    Big C store has a sale on auger ATV rack going on. $59.99 regular price on sale for $19.99.
  9. Marathon (Bald Eagle Sports) in Hugo carries it and I believe Hansens Bait shop in WBL does to.
  10. Hello All- Bought a new laptop and will need to add virus protection for it. Any recommendations? We do have Century Link for our IE provider in case that matters. Also, free would be preferrred but not mandatory. Thanks in advance.
  11. Awesome mod! Just a quick question...any issues when collapsing the canvas with the 11# tank in the back? Is there a con of having it in front of the heater since it is taller than the heater itself? Please don't think this is a knock on the mod. Again, looks awesome and professional looking. Just wondering.
  12. Brenneke 20 ga. 2 3/4" work great out of the 11-87 with an improved cylinder choke.
  13. I currently have a Mercury laser 2 Stainless with a 21P and have a great hole shot and top end speed at around 5700-5800 RPM at WOT. Seems to be working great, unless I am missing something???
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