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  1. Thanks for the information, when fising around Floodwood and Crookston we have used chicken livers. Is that not the right bait to be using around grand forks? Is there a reason that cut bait works a lot better than the livers? Thanks for the help. Keith
  2. I will be heading to Grand Forks again this weekend with the kids and looking for any help in locating some cats so the kids can pull something in. I know this is before the tourny and nobody wants to give up their secret holes but if you could e-mail me [email protected] I would apprecate it. It will be catch and release so I won't take anyone's trophy fish We will be camping and using the landing beside Cabela's so any directions from there would be helpful. Thanks, Keith
  3. Thanks everyone for your help and I was spelling it wrong, as I had the "h" in it. Thanks for all the help. Keith
  4. Thanks for the info, do you have any contact information on either as I cannot them on the web. I am not local so I do not have a phone book. Thanks
  5. I was in Grand Forks fishing over the weekend with the family and didn't have much luck other than small cats. Can anyone recommend a guide for that area as I would like to learn that part of the river as well as try to get a couple nice cats. Thanks, Keith
  6. I will have a boat, due to having the camper I will have a 14 ft with a 5 horse. Normally I would run up and down the river looking for any breaks that might hold cats or run my bigger boat with a depth finder and look for holes but with the kids my time and their attention span will reduce the amount of time I will have for looking around. I think the ramp is by Cabela's from what I have been told so any advice on which direction from there and how far would help greately. Thanks, Keith
  7. Morning, we will be staying at the camp ground in East Grand Forks over the weekend and wondering if anyone wants to give any advice on where I need to go in order to get on some cats. They don't need to be monsters as I will have the kids and just want them to get some action. I have fished Crookston many times but woud like to stay around the campground on this trip. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Keith
  8. I have been looking at picking up an ice fishing suit to replace my Carhart pants and jacket. I have been looking at Clam's Ice Armor, but was curious if anyone has an opinon on it or can recommend a better suit. Thanks
  9. Having been ticketed on this issue I have first hand knowledge on this issue. You cannot have two hooks on a single line without a blade being attached to the rig. All you have to do in order to make it legal is to make a rig with a blade and then you can have the two hooks, the same rule goes for both single and treble hooks. They really enforce this in the upper part of the state.
  10. Thanks for the reply, I am using the same knot but just wasn't sure if there was better one for heavier line. When using spiderwire or the catfish line I have on one of my reels you have to use pliers with a cutter because nail clipper won't work. Look forward to seeing everyone in crookston.
  11. computergeek

    Best Knots

    I would like to start by thanking everyone for their thoughts on fishing line. I picked up 20lb Power Pro line today and I am now curious what knot everyone uses for their knots. Thanks
  12. computergeek

    Best Line

    I am curious on what everyone's opinion is on the best line for channels. I have heard arguments for both mono and non-mono type lines. I used to fish with iron-thread but it kept cutting into the eyes on my rod. I am now using 25 lb mono. Time to change and I am just wondering what everyone is running and poundage. Thanks
  13. computergeek


    Dennis, Thanks for the heads up on the HSOforum. They had my sinkers and I have already placed my order.
  14. computergeek


    Lunker, I used to have a little bait shop I got my sinkers from and they closed a couple years ago and I haven't been able to find there style sinker since. They sold a flot sinker so it didn't roll in the current like an egg sinker does. The pyramid sytle is the only one with flat sides that I can still find. I usually pick up my sinkers at any bait shop, but if in your search you find someone that carries flat sinkers please let me know. Thanks
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