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    Ice crack stories

    Was out on Red 4 or 5 years ago at the very end of March. Had a solid ice sheet when we drove on in the morning. The wind kicked up and by the end of the day it was busted up pretty good at the landing, we were going on on the rez boundary. We called a buddy from Saum and he came out with two 16 foot 2x8 oak planks. I'm pretty sure we crossed in 4 places the widest was probably 4 feet across. It was in an old rusted out F150. My craziest ice adventure for sure.
  2. laportian

    How many holes you drill today?

    Drilled 3 today, 3 yesterday, and 3 the day before that. One for each line and one for my transducer. Pounded eyes each day. Would rather fish than run around and work like that.
  3. Hunted by Leech Lake. Heard lots of shooting down on Steamboat. I was a little north and didn't get much action. Ended up getting one woodie out of 8 that were locked on our decoys. I'm blaming my new shotgun and too tight of a choke for that. Lol! Had a few mallards fly just out of range. Lots of mosquitos for us too.
  4. laportian

    What do they do with all the fish?

    I participate in walleye fish frys all over the state. We have to have receipts for where the fish was purchased or from whom it was donated. I have been doing this for the past ten years and have actually never been approached by anyone about the origins of our walleye while doing frys. I have been asked after the fact. When the Square Hook guys were doing their investigation a couple years ago they asked me about some specific political fund raisers that we fried fish for. I bought said fish from the Red Lake Fisheries, they took my word for it.
  5. laportian

    Electric Fillet Knife

    I have the Rapala Ion. It is on the heavy side. I only take the fillet off with it. I still rib and skin with my Chicago cutlery fillet knife. I can chew through about 60 eyes before it dies. My hand also hurts something awful too. I will probably switch to a corded one this season.
  6. I'd bet good money that the pump is fine. Don't let a shop soak you for a needless repair.
  7. I had a sun flower heater blowing so I would reach out from under the car and warm my hands up when I needed. I logged up here for 17 winters and I was the mechanic on the crew. I fixed whatever needed to be fixed in whatever conditions I faced if I wanted to make money. With that Pontiac I figured it to be a $250-$300 dollar job. The line was $24. I'm still bullheaded enough not to want to pay a $75 hour shop rate.
  8. I have one of these. The pressure hose is known for crapping out. I did mine on one of -27 nights this January. It was hard. But doable. Getting the fitting back on the rack is the hardest part. Getting it started took me two hours. I don't know if being warmer would have helped. It is really tight in there. Good luck if you choose to do it yourself.
  9. laportian

    Ice Auger Sales

    Reeds has free shipping. Check them out.
  10. I have used the tumbler a lot this winter. I fish Red and Bemidji three or four times a week. And the tumbler has been a go to this winter. It has iced a lot eyes. If they get finicky or maybe it isn't exactly prime time I tie a tumbler on a work it. I think its beauty is in the drop.
  11. Go to Leech. Getting a resort booked shouldn't be a problem. Heck the state is claiming there are too many walleyes in it. Red slows down this time of year. From about mid January on I hit other lakes up here. Winnie, Cass, or Leech. I tend to shy away from Winnie too in the winter, been skunked a few times! Fish Leech, Walker Bay has a good primetime bite.
  12. laportian

    truck tires

    I just switched from BF Goodrich All Terrains to Yokohama Geolanders. The BF Goodrich AT's were kinda dangerous on iced up roads. The Yokos have been awesome so far. As A matter of fact I put new tires on my wifes car this fall too and they were awful in snow and ice. I ended up switching vehicles with my wife until I could afford some actual winter tires for her car. When the truck had the BF's I was very nervous to let her drive in wintery conditions. But the Geolanders are awesome on crappy roads and I felt safe letting her use my truck as her daily driver last month. I run 10 ply tires and the road noise is way down too from the AT's.
  13. laportian

    Buying salvage title vehicle

    I had a 97 GMC that went in the lake. I dried everything out properly and never had any issues with it. I put another 40k on it before I traded it off. It happened in July so once I got it home I was able to open everything up and get it dry. I change all the fluids from the tranny to the diffs. I Pulled all the electrical connections I could and left everything sit like that for 10 days. I spraying everything down with an electrical dryer. I don't know if I could have had the same results if it had happened in November or worse in the middle of winter.
  14. laportian

    Looking for 1st walleye rod recommendations.

    Two more inches of badness! Lol. No I figure it will be my outside rod. the couple inches just means a tad more flex and taking just a bit of load off the line. Plus mine will be two inches longer than everyone elses! On a side note I did break the tip on my 28 inch Jason Mitchell Elite. I was reeling in a four pound rainbow and it snapped swinging it out of the hole. Don't know if it was too much fish for that sensitive of a tip, my handling of it, maybe I damaged it prior, or it was a bad rod? Clam replaced it. They stand behind their stuff.
  15. laportian

    Looking for 1st walleye rod recommendations.

    Jason Mitchell has a 30 inch walleye rod that I am going to get. Checked them out at Reeds the other day and really liked it. I have the 28 inch. I have one of those St Croix Premier rods too and are very nice at $30.
  16. laportian

    Aspen Logging

    I haven't bought a timber sale since 08, but I think the average price per cord for popple is still about $25 per cord. You can figure on maybe 25 cords to an acre as a good start if it is pretty much all popple in there. We have cut 30 cord to an acre stuff but it really has to be tall. So lets say you have 300 cords of aspen on the stump and you get $25 for stumapage that would be $7500 to you. Ballpark of coarse. Other variables come into play, such as ease of access, mileage to the mill etc. Get a couple different loggers in there to bid it out. And research it, the more you know about it dealing with the logger will go easier.
  17. laportian

    what snow machines are you using?

    92 Polaris Indy Trail 488. Most important feature is that is was cheap. Paid $500 5 years ago. Has a tick over 4000 miles on it. Fan cooled and has reverse. Use it to pull a medium otter sled and all my gear. Only drawback is I wish it had a two up seat.
  18. laportian

    beer batter

    I do big walleye frys all over the state and we do beer batter for the crew when we are done. We use our regular fish coating, which is usually fry krisp as our base. We buy in bulk from apperts. Then we load it up with cajun seasoning and garlic salt. We have restaurant propane cookers and the secret here is to keep it at 350 degrees. We also swear by warm flat beer. Any good full beer works. We first dip our fillets in our dry coating. It also helps if the fish is just barely thawed, this help keep the fillet from curling. Then into the batter next. We wipe off the excess batter so it doesn't turn out too thick. Then into the fryer for 5 minutes. It is deadly good and serve piping hot. Double dipped beer batter fish.
  19. laportian

    Zercom Clearwater Classic

    Did you check hsolist or do a google search? My cousin still uses one of these for ice fishing. Very good units.
  20. laportian

    What ice bibs to buy?

    I have an old pair of ice armor bibs. The black ones. They were pretty cheap, I waited until I got them on an end of season clearance at Reeds. That was about 5 years ago. I finally ripped the crotch out this past winter getting on and off my sled. I had planned on buying new bids for specifically for ice fishing this year but I walked into glens up in Grand Rapids a few months ago and bought a pair of game hide waterfowl bibs. They have a rubberized butt and knees and are way warmer than my ice armors so I might just forgo new ice bibs and wear my duck hunting ones. I got them for like $25 on clearance.
  21. laportian

    Soderbloom's AlumaLite Skidhouse?

    I stopped in there a couple weeks ago. I haven't wanted a ready built permanent before, but after stopping at Soderblooms and giving these a really good once over I think I will get one if I can figure out how to break the news to my wife. I was seriously considering building a wheel house but after looking at these they may have steered me from that.
  22. I'm going to Bowstring for an afternoon hunt today. I was harvesting rice just north of there last week on Natures Lake and it looked good. Teal everywhere. Weather is kinda cruddy but maybe it'll get them moving.
  23. laportian


    Just scored floor tickets to Mumford and Sons on Sept 4th!
  24. laportian

    Made me sick to see!

    Just a little info on enforcement on the Red lake Reservation. My best friend was caught by the game wardens trying to turn in a fish that was literally just a tick over 22 inches. He was fined $500 and had a strike against him. 3 strikes with fish violations gets you a lifetime ban from fishing the reservation waters. When he caught the fish he put it in one of those 'The Judge" fish measurers and it was right on 22. When he went to turn his fish that evening in it measured just over. He figures that the walleye must have relaxed and ended up being illegal.
  25. laportian

    Made me sick to see!

    I don't think the band sells hog walleyes. The largest that go out to the public are 10oz fillets. They have a 22 inch max which is ,give or take, a 4 pound fish. Have you seen many four pound fish filleted out? Those fillets look huge. Just saying that it would be easy to see a big fillet and assume that it came from a monster fish. Fillets off those monster fish look absolutely ridiculous. 7 pounder has like a 20 inch fillet that is 8 or 9 inches wide and almost three inches thick. Trust me on this guys I know these things. Been privileged to handle many thousands of walleye in my day. I grew up in the fish camps around Red Lake.