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  1. North of Maple Lake, MN.Ive seen and had Coyotes, fox and a Bear on camera but never a Bobcat.I had a neighbor say he saw a Cougar a few weeks ago as well.
  2. aanderud= Answer for everything. I believe he said he doesn't hunt. Enough said.
  3. The second question the CO (Mies from Wright County) asked me about my posted signs was "Are the signs signed and dated? Because if the date is not within 1 year of the trespass offense, it wont hold up" That was in 2012 so it may have changed.
  4. aanderud, I agree, for people who “get it” it's not hard to understand. But it really comes down to; Stay off land that isn't yours and respect peoples property and land. By loop holes, I mean that the trespasser can get away with it pretty easily. I had a trail camera get stolen off my private “posted” land in 2011 by a 29 year old “adult”. Because my signs weren’t signed and dated, though I had all 4 corners posted the CO said we wouldn’t have enough for misdemeanor trespass because of no names and dates on the sign. He could not be cited by the DNR. The following year, I got the kids dad o
  5. I agree BlackJack, having to re-post signs is a pain. I keep the same signs up but change the date each year. Make sure they are "presentable" so people can clearly see them. I busted a trespasser 2 years ago via trail camera and turned the guy into the DNR. I kicked him out of our woods 2 years in a row and had enough after he was hunting with no blaze orange during the 3rd year. The DNR came out, took the picture and went to his house and cited him. MN trespass laws are written to "favor" the trespasser as there are MANY loop-holes. Post each corner of the land parcel, sign, date and take a
  6. Hey Stick, Yes they are. Do you hunt around the area?
  7. Here are some from around my area. I have seen both of these for 3 years on camera. Ive only seen them once during the day when they were spooked by a sprayer in a bean field.
  8. Great point about the Wirsbo. I have infloor heat and would hate to bust a tube with a nail. I will try the Adhesive. I plan putting weights on top of the plates to ensure a strong bond while drying. Ill test the strength and post any issues I have. Thanks guys.
  9. Hey Guys, Has anyone secured a green treated floor plate to a concrete floor by only using adhesive? (liquid nails or something similar) in the past I have used concrete nails along with adhesive but the nails never seem to pound very deep into the concrete and the stud pivots on the floor where the nail is. We are starting to finish our basement and wanted to see if I could get aways with only using adhesive. Thanks!
  10. I caught a guy in my stand on our own private land 2 years ago. I drove right out to the woods through the field as he never had any permission to hunt or even be back there. I got out of the truck and he tried to hide his face. He was in my ladder stand wearing blaze orange. (I could see him a mile away) I asked him "What the h*LL do you think you are doing" He studdered and was clearly very nervous and said: "Im hunting here" I said, "Whos stand do you think your in?!" He said "Im not sure" I told him to get out of the woods and if I ever see him back there again I would call the Sherriff. N
  11. Lots of birds flying through Central/East Central ND. We had a great few days of hunting in the snow. If you have the opportunity, now is the time to be up there.
  12. Hoggsback, I just received a new one yesterday via UPS after sending my other one back as it would not work with batteries after 3 months. The new one I received was in a box wrapped in bubble wrap with no manual. I felt like mine also appeared refurbished or something. I will try it out tonight to see how it works but I bought it brand new directly from them. Call StealthCam and they will set you up. Their customer service was great when I dealt with them. Their tech guys know what they are doing and can hopefully help.
  13. We also had a strange scenario last summer when we crossed the border from International Falls going into Fort Frances. We pulled our truck and boat into the parking area to pay our duty once we crossed. I was in the drivers seat when a Border Patrol walked up and signalled me to roll down the window. I did as he said and he put his hand on the truck door and says " Alright, where are you hiding the drugs?" We obviously had no drugs and we told him "We have no drugs sir" He laughed and said "Good, have a good trip" I'm sure it was funny for him to lighten his day up, but pretty unprofessional
  14. Hey BBells, We got ours from Mike Ludenia (lives at the intersection of 39 and CR 8 in Maple Lake) The stuff he had was in great shape. It was really black and has some moisture. One thing I read was to make sure the pile you buy from has had some rain recently. (otherwise it tends to be dry and might not adhere as well. The place you buys from should be able to tell you where the asphalt millings came from if you are wondering if the millings contained concrete. Our driveway is holding up nice. The week after we put ours down I sealed it with asphalt sealer. I will probably do it again next s
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