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  1. When in doubt go with the Frabill....I have tried them all and can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Frabill makes a superior product!
  2. Without a doubt.....let others without an auger use it! Chris B Lake Benton, MN
  3. Veire’s Walleye Tournament Saturday June 6, 2009 Norwegian Creek Park Lake Benton, MN 2 Person Teams Total Weight Tournament Limited to the first 50 boats $80 team fee must accompany registration 100 % payback $1000 Big Fish Pot, $20 additional fee 100 % payback Check-in starts at 6:00 am Boats will leave at 8:00 am $80 entry fee per team + $20 per team optional big fish pot. For Info contact: Veire’s Mini Mart c/o Dave Lueck Lake Benton, MN 507-368-4204 Entry sheets available at the store or give them a call and they will either email them or send them out to you.
  4. It is called the Power Zap tool. It said something on the package about cutting plastics so I am thinkin you could use it to mend them too. It also works great to cut your line especially those tough braided lines.
  5. I picked up a new gizmo at Sportsmans Warehouse that is an electric element that heats up and burns the paint off. It is about the size of a majic marker and runs off 2 AA batteries. Kinda spendy ....$18 but what good pruduct isnt. Here is another close up of a nuggie
  6. Was is snowing? I did notice a slight breeze when we were trying to find the truck!!! It was one to remember, dang good thing we got fish or we would have never heard the end of it! My best advise to anyone going up there is to make sure you have lots of auger gas and eventually you will find fish....usually!?!?
  7. Don't forget about that infamous "Pickerel Lake Tea" Hey Dave, You missed a good bite of Sunday morning. Shoot me a private message, we need to plan another trip!!
  8. Did anybody fish Waubay or Enemy Swim on Sunday? 3 of us were out and did really poorly to say the least. Ended up with 5 perch, 1 gill, and 2 crappies...pretty sad. Just curious if it was the weather or did bad luck follow us around all day. We probably drilled 50 holes and all we could find is a whole lot of nothin.
  9. Just curious what lakes you were on?
  10. As of last Sat. they were still driving on both of them. The ice is getting a little soft but is still pretty thick - where there is ice. There are some open spots on Waubay so you have to watch where you are going. If you are taking an atv you should be fine. Good Luck!! ------------------ Keep your rod straight and watch the hole!
  11. Just curious where the "Bay of Pigs" is at. I'll be up there this weekend and thought I'd see how they were biting. I'm after the panfish, don't have the patience to stay put long enough for the gators. Good luck and maybe see ya up there. ------------------ Keep your rod straight and watch the hole!
  12. Sounds like fun to me. What part of the lake were you fishing? Had some friends up there this weekend and they had no luck. Guess finding them is kinda tricky. ------------------ Keep your rod straight and watch the hole!
  13. Hey Kevfish, You guys got the royal shaft! That just goes to show that some people have no regards for others property, too bad that warden hadn't caught them with your fish and theirs (if they had any). Probably not since they were busy stealing and not fishing. Sounds like you caught some fish - where on the lake were you fishing? I was thinking of heading up tomorrow for the day. Don't give up on Waubay, there are crooks on every lake you just have to watch out for them and call them in if you catch them. ------------------ Keep your rod straight and watch the hole!
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