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  1. 1: a jug of red 2: mood lighting (coleman or candles) 3: an assortment of snacks 4: primo chocolates 5: another jug of red 6: sleeping bags If you make it to the second jug let nature take it's course. And remember hooking fish is like scoring booty; never make your move too soon.
  2. That guy from Fargo "Ed on the Red", I remember him posting sometime back about using glow devils or Bio Bait and catching goldeyes on The Sheyenne River somewhere near Fargo. I really don't know where to point for winter goldeyes. I heard at a bait shop that guys have been seeing lots of Walleyes, cats, northerns, and Crappies on the Red near the Forks with their Aqua views but not getting any biters.
  3. I was just in to Thorne Bros. a couple days back, and they had a good supply.
  4. NORTHLANDER: Can you give a bit more detail on using powerwiglers for trout. Lakers? thru the ice or in the summer for Rainbows deep? Re: the AE dropper, I'll de giving it a try out tomorrow on Winnie for perch/walleyes.
  5. All I can say is warm weather stinks!! If I liked warm weather I'd be fishing in the Florida Key's or Brazil or Australia. Let's all pray for 40 below!!!
  6. Sorry to say I can't brag up my modified angel eye yet. As usual I had to switch to smaller ice fly's to hook only 2 crappies. I tried out the bio-bait and caught one on that, and one on the berkely power bait wigglers that look like little waxies. The Berkely power wigglers seem to be a pretty fish catching alternative to live waxies. Any one else have good luck with them.
  7. I'm with C-P-K: An afternoon spent watching football is an afternoon wasted. (Unless you're sick or too hungover to hunt or fish) And as far as the Vikings - I quit being a serious fan after I recovered from 2 month mild bout of depression after Gary Anderson missed that Field goal. I do enjoy Monday nite Football. (I usually fall asleep before halftime)
  8. Hey dere now, I wasn't meaning to gross out the squeamish sorts with my antecdote about my dog Willy's frosted privates. I was just relating a somewhat serious thing that happened to a pet while out in the extremes of Northern Minn. This dog was full grown at the time, he is a pretty good dog (needs the shock collar once in a while to remind him that "come" means get your butt over here -PRONTO!) but he's a more or less spaniel mutt that turns out is not as hardy in the cold as other dogs I've known. I guess that one of the reason we like dogs is that we enjoy watching their boundless enthusiam and energy, and thats one reason we take them hunting,camping, and fishing. But dog owner's need to realize that their pet's can be terribly annoying to others. (I've gotten to hate campgrounds because there are so many NOISY MUTTS) If your dog needs to run, let him run down a country side road, or a deserted stretch of the lake - not all over at the fishing hole where others are trying to relax and enjoy themselves and their family and friends and the wonderful outdoors. If he won't listen and respond to commands take it as an opportunity to train him right - put the shock collar on him and zap him when he won't stay or won't come.
  9. This year I didn't get much fishing stuff except for ice dippers. It seems to go in streaks. Like last year I got a genz ice rod, a pair of refrigiwear snow pants, and a crank up radio with a light. This year the streak was scoopers - I got a big dipper from my mother in law, another big dipper from my stepmom, a little dipper from a good buddy, and another little dipper from my youngest brother. My buddy said he'd take his back and trade me a case of Old Mil. (of which I'm sure he'll drink 18 cans himself)
  10. last year my dog froze both his nose and his balls while sitting patiently outside waiting for me. I had never had this happen to a dog before and was a bit surprised. I felt pretty bad for the mutt, and ended up rubbing silvaden cream on his sack twice a day (he seemed to enjoy it).
  11. Mr Whatt, It's approx. a 1 hr trip from Baudette to upper red. Hudec's would be a good place to drive on, as you'll see their sign first as you approach the lake.
  12. I've got a Pink and white AE Jr. that I rigged up with a 3" dropper (single glow hook with glow and gold 4mm beads on the dropper) that I'm going to try out tonight. The Crappins on this little lake have been pretty finicky lately, and I'm hoping this is going to be the ticket.
  13. I guess alot of us more or less law abiding regular folks feel a bit of ambivalance towards law enforcement officers. On the one hand; we don't feel any real animosity towards cops. We're not "anti-cop", but we get a little self-conscious or nervous when we're driving down the road or street or whatever, (doing the nominal "speedlimit") and an officer seems to be checking us out,(tailing), or driving slower that the traffic flow, or posting roadside, etc. On the other hand; we are glad to see the town cop, or the county-mountie drive past our place, or down our street now and then. However, there seems to be a general consensus that police officers are sometimes not doing enough to deter theft, vandalism, and other sorts of criminal mischief. Also, alot of people feel that police focus their resources toward law violations that can and do generate "revenue" and "job security" for the county,state,city and local police force. (these same violations coincidently generate revenue and job security for the local lawyers and courthouse crew also). What we all have to keep in mind is that the average officer is just trying to do his job. There may or may not be "quotas", but cop friends have told me that the "Dept." reviews their citation history/ record - and compares it to "statistics" as a way of evaluating their job performance and effectiveness. The problen with this that I see, is that "gung ho" officers, who are more agressive in apprehending and ticketing violators can skew the stats upward, which pressures other officers to "keep up" in the ticketing of violators, which in turn means less tolerance as a whole toward marginal offences. I also think that Cops need to realize that many people regard their personal Constitutional liberties and freedoms as being infringed when forced to submit under penalty of -incarceration/fine/seizure/confiscation - for random vehicle checks, roadblocks, breath/blood/urine tests, etc when there is no apparent probable cause. Or when probable cause is vaguely and arbitrarily defined as in "holiday season drinking" or "fishing season opener". Officers need to realize that they are the only government officials that many of us average citizens ever come into contact with. And that while they might regard a broken taillight as reason enough to pull over a motorist; the guy driving the car might be thinking: "is this a free country or what?", and might have a less than cooperative and amiable attitude. I can't right off remember which Founding Father wrote; "That government is best which governs least" but it's always made alot of sense to me.
  14. I don't know about you'se guys, but I think Clam Corp.has got the best pole ends. "dere ya go"
  15. Hey dere Big Dipsticker, dat song sounds like a good one for Da Yoopers to cover. "dere ya go"
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