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  1. I second the idea of getting a CD the Right Stuff Series by RNT is pretty user friendly. The nice thing about CD's is that you can also convert those to MP3's to play on your ipod, I did that myself and play it in the Front Loader while I'm at work. I know what you're thinking, "how do I drive front loader and call at the same time?" Well I don't, you can get better by just going through the cadence in your head or just imitating the sound. Also a lot of CD's out there explain not only how to blow but when to blow and what to look for during hunting situations. Which I think is more important than just blowing 'till the cows come home.
  2. I picked the pack to go 10 and 6 this season. They are a good team no matter who's behind center, unless it's T-JAck. This weeks matchup against the 'Boys will be a good test for them. They can still come out very optomistic even if they only hang with Big D but still lose. After this week Green Bay will know what kinda QB they have.
  3. Don't polish it up, tell it like it is. They need to DUMB IT DOWN FOR HIM. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Actually what the need to do is hire Tanya Harding to take out his knees, that the only way you'll get childress to not start him.
  4. Just call and explain your situation. Tell him that you tried to contact him in person but was unsuccessful and that's why you are calling him. Usually most Land Owners already have their mind made up before you talk to them but in most cases where the land owner's leaning towards a "no" politeness might convince him to give you chance. When asking for permission I always look at it as if it were a job interview minus the suit and tie of course. I know I wouldn't let just anyone into my backyard. I'd like to talk to the guy first, and in most cases land owners are pretty resonable and understand that if you weren't a decent person you probably wouldn't have asked in the first place.
  5. quick

    2008 FFB sleepers

    I like your sleeper pick in Utecht He's in a good passing offensive system and gets down the field in a hurry. Only problem is if anything's going deep it probably is going to Chad Johnson or T.J. Who'syourmamma. Inside the red zone he might be a better TD threat. Not to mention they are having some serious issues with injuries at the wide receiver position. It is possible that Carson Palmer good develope a great connection with Ben. Oh yeah plus he's a former Gopher. Can't go wrong there.
  6. I'll take it. If the first guy doesn't want it. Pm or email me to let me know.
  7. Can't rule out the tuffy's I've been riding in one for 4 years. Can't complain one bit.
  8. My prediction spurs win it on 6. Lakers won't be able to keep Parker out of the paint with Bynum gone.
  9. Quote: Quick, Look like some nice Green Heads!!! Thanks, If only there were more days left. Too bad season is ending, I know there's always goose hunting, but I never hunted fields before. No Land to hunt, seems like you gotta know somebody and I'm not from around here originally. So...good luck to all you late seasoners! I'm calling it a year.
  10. Gun Jammed, so I was sharing a gun all day, there were three of us and one guy coudn't hit anything! Literally nothing at all. A couple landed on the water and he even tried to splash em and still missed! Not the smoothest day but still a great time!
  11. We got in on some of the action as well. There were three of us we would have had more but one of my buddies couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. And my gun kept jamming so I was sharing a gun. For all that went wrong it was a pretty good day.
  12. I also have an 835 that I use for duck hunting it works fine for me. I do have an aftermarket choke on it though. It's just a cheap one. I can't remember the brand pm me and I'll let you know. I did find, as you stated that it did pattern a little high. Just do what I did, Aim Low, problem solved
  13. I'd be more than happy to tag along with ya. I'm kinda knew to duck hunting I started out last year with a couple of friends but they didn't get out as much as I would of liked and I ended up going out alone most of the time. Which was alright by me cause it forced me to learn "quick", but it sometimes got a little lonely. PLus there's always something you can learn from someone else. I live in Red Wing and there are some spots around here that we could go if you wanted to venture this way. If not I could come to you. Shoot me an e-mail at: [email protected] I'm always looking for new ground and it would be great to share spots with someone. quick
  14. I am hunting the very last turkey season which begins on Friday and was wondering if it was ok if I used 3 inch remington hevi-shot #6 with my mossberg 835? It has an ultra full turkey choke. I think I may have read somewhere that you should only use hevi-shot with certain chokes. I shot this setup once and only fired it a couple times at 35+ yards and didnt get a very tight pattern. Tried a different non hevi-shot load and it only got worse. When I got home I was cleaning the gun and noticed that the choke was a little loose (not screwed on tightly) I assumed this was affecting it, and ultimately would like to get out and try and get a grouping again but am afraid I won't have the time. Also the only place I have to hunt is a 40 acre farm and that is also pretty much the only place I have to sight in my gun, do you think it would be alright to this the day before the hunt without spooking any birds that may be in the area? There have already been two gobblers taken off this farm, and I'm afraid the other birds know what a gunshot means. IF you would be kind enough to help a first timer out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the help.
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